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The Long Game
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Sunny whether?!...

martinkilbby martinkilbJul 21st 2012
Well, Bradley Wiggins has almost won the tour, it's one week to go for the Olympics and at last we've had a weekend day where it's not been to cold or wet to spend the majority of the day outside. Training - nil. BBQ and paddling pool - win. Guilty, not a bit!

Recent training has been progressing well, although compromised from time to time. Compromised? Why should I say this word, as surely I remind myself, it's about 'the journey' and therefore if I don't have time to train, I don't have time. Training shouldn't and isn't the be all and end all in my life and I choose to do other things when they arise within the same time frame as my training plan dictates. But, that doesn't stop me thinking 'what if....?'. What if I managed an extra long ride this week..., what if I managed to clock up a full 3 weeks of no missed weekday lunchtime swims...? What if I managed to push myself hard on those interval running sessions, when I really should go 'fast/fast', rather than just faster plod..?.

I don't lie awake at night and fret, but I do think 'what if's...'. If I didn't, I wouldn't be human in evaluating what we do each day. If I didn't think the 'What if...', the time when I'm doing what has taken priority, wouldn't be so precious and enjoyable; whether that's gardening, seeing the Harbour festival with my family, sharing a coffee with friends or zipping along a dewey riverside in trainers, an early morning open water swim, or flying down a straight road on a TT bike. After all, the delight of choice is the choice itself, if it's not - you're not your own master.

So in summary, far too profound for a Saturday night.

Back to Triathlons facts. Here are my thoughts/aims for the moment.

Swimming - keep sessions enjoyable and regular. Even if they are only 30 mins
Bike - keep going steady and get a long ride in there every now and again - 6am tomorrow for me!
Run - time to concentrate on doing some dedicated intervals and not let them slide to the forget pile each week!

Party on!
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