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Matt does......
Matt does......
Im Matt. Done some rowing, cycling and a couple of sprints...time to gove it a proper go.

Half term antics

mattisardby mattisardFeb 24th 2010
well it was the school half term last week, which meant some good miles were on the cards. Firtsly, why is it that each day we set out it was either sub zero cloudy and raining or snowing. And the days we were at home it was glourious sunshine???? Life eh!!

First ride was part of the tour of the peak course, but with one new rider who was shot after Winnats pass, we had to cut it to 60miles. And to be honest i was pleased. My legs were so far cramped that my mate had to drive home for me. Agony!!

The wed however was a better story. Just 20 miles from sheffield but the bke felt awesome. Was able to just accelerate up hills, spin, grind....didnt matter...

Then a sunday mountain bike. Awesome fun, except the gears aren't too good so limited there and no tread on teh tyres = not cool

Not long now til my first race :)
throbinrobinby member: throbinrobin, Feb 25th 2010 16:29
your gears never work anyway, don't see how you can be surprised by that
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