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Just a man saying I am.
Just a man saying I am.
About Me
I am a husband and father first and foremost. I thought I had been doing sports my whole life. My kids are active in sports and in the past few years I have really focused on their careers as athletes. I caught myself one day pushing one of my kids. Saying "you have to push yourself, go past what you think you can do". The look she gave me, I felt I got back from her, hit hit me like ton of bricks. It was a look of what have you done to push yourself.... Wow, what have I done recently.

Professionally I pushed myself to the top of my field, Spiritually I have a relationship with my Holy Father, Mentally I am pushed with my career. I cannot say emotionally I am there because I am not happy with my physical self. I feel I am overweight, not seeking the next brass ring if you will. I had to push myself to find myself.

I originally wanted to find myself with cycling. I love the thought of pushing. A quote from Armstrong that goes [the winner of the tour is not the best cyclist but the one who can suffer the most]. It is not the reality of winning or losing but being pushed. To go past who you were and to who you are.

Lastly I want to use another quote. This one from the movie Rocky Balboa,

"What's crazy about going toe to toe and saying I am"

Day forty 0ne, forty two, forty three, and forty four

mdvcostinby mdvcostinApr 6th 2010
What a good past four days. When last we spoke I had done and hour and half on the bike on Friday, leaving my bum sore. Went out and purchased some Vaseline and then some Utter Smooth. More on the effects latter.

On Saturday I took the big plunge and ran 2 hours and 10 minutes. Here are some tips on what not to do. Go for a run like this with out being properly hydrated your muscles will hate you and begin to cramp. I was no more than 30 minutes into the run and my left calf just knotted up, ouch!. I paused and stretched it out for about 1:30. I felt like I could push on .

I had no choice but to keep going I had my wife drop me off 12 miles from my house. Talk about burning your ship! Funny thing even though the leg cramped up it was not that bad after it loosened back up. Then the second hour began. I did not bonk but it really really sucked. I then realized why I wanted to do this. I want to experience suffering. Man did I suffer. I am not sure if I was not putting out but the last mile or two my heart rate was at 168. My max is 194ish. I could not go any faster my legs felt so heavy. Very curious indeed. I wore running shorts for this evolution. First off my legs are super white and I think I almost caused an accident from their brightness. Also the liner in the shorts rubbed me raw. Will be using some glide or better type of shorts in the future.

Then next day was going to be a 2 hour bike ride "Easter", didn't happen.

The next day was going to be a 2 hour ride, didn't happen. But I did ride 1 hour 20 minutes. I used the Vaseline and my bum did not hurt when I was done. Yeah!

The next day was going to be a 2 hour ride..... come on do you think I would blow it off again. I did 2 hours and 10 minutes. The first hour I did with my MP3 player, only one ear-bud in, the next hour and 10 minutes with out. I was so freaking bored. I think I will freak out during the Iron Man. I am guessing 7 hours on the bike and five hours of running with out tunes. AHHHHHHHH! This will not end well.

Anyway that is my story for the last 4 days. Oh wait yesterday's ride was with Utter Smooth on the chamois again no pain except for the butt bones which I would consider normal after that long in the saddle . I just need to get used to that.
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