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Just a man saying I am.
Just a man saying I am.
About Me
I am a husband and father first and foremost. I thought I had been doing sports my whole life. My kids are active in sports and in the past few years I have really focused on their careers as athletes. I caught myself one day pushing one of my kids. Saying "you have to push yourself, go past what you think you can do". The look she gave me, I felt I got back from her, hit hit me like ton of bricks. It was a look of what have you done to push yourself.... Wow, what have I done recently.

Professionally I pushed myself to the top of my field, Spiritually I have a relationship with my Holy Father, Mentally I am pushed with my career. I cannot say emotionally I am there because I am not happy with my physical self. I feel I am overweight, not seeking the next brass ring if you will. I had to push myself to find myself.

I originally wanted to find myself with cycling. I love the thought of pushing. A quote from Armstrong that goes [the winner of the tour is not the best cyclist but the one who can suffer the most]. It is not the reality of winning or losing but being pushed. To go past who you were and to who you are.

Lastly I want to use another quote. This one from the movie Rocky Balboa,

"What's crazy about going toe to toe and saying I am"

Day Twenty

mdvcostinby mdvcostinMar 12th 2010
I do not know what day it should be. But for continuity and my sanity we are going to call it twenty........ DonĀ't judge me!

The town I am in currently did not have any Pilates to get into. There was a Yoga class that I did. Very different than any other Yoga I have done in the past. Very very relaxing and I felt stretched and at ease. I was challenged but it was different type. I had some pain in my hips during some of the stretching it is some of the same type of pain that I sometimes get when I run short stride. I think I really need to make sure that my hips are part of my stretch routine.

Anyway what else is going on, Oh yes I signed up for a half iron man in May, 1 May to be exact. This will help me out for the full in August. I hope to do a sprint in April and a half marathon somewhere as well, if not for fitness then for the cool t shirt.

I hope everyone is doing well with their workouts. Remember when you are all out on the road riding or running take time to wave, nod, grunt, or say hi. I find it strange that people that actually have time to run and ride, much less afford the means to do so, are so grumpy while they are out. Do not give me "I am focused" I am out there and think of all athletes as brother and sisters in arms that deserve a friendly gesture. I will not even get into those that are now unable to get out there because of some sort of tragedy. So to use an over used phrase, DonĀ't worry be happy. Just my two cents thatĀ's all.
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