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Just a man saying I am.
Just a man saying I am.
About Me
I am a husband and father first and foremost. I thought I had been doing sports my whole life. My kids are active in sports and in the past few years I have really focused on their careers as athletes. I caught myself one day pushing one of my kids. Saying "you have to push yourself, go past what you think you can do". The look she gave me, I felt I got back from her, hit hit me like ton of bricks. It was a look of what have you done to push yourself.... Wow, what have I done recently.

Professionally I pushed myself to the top of my field, Spiritually I have a relationship with my Holy Father, Mentally I am pushed with my career. I cannot say emotionally I am there because I am not happy with my physical self. I feel I am overweight, not seeking the next brass ring if you will. I had to push myself to find myself.

I originally wanted to find myself with cycling. I love the thought of pushing. A quote from Armstrong that goes [the winner of the tour is not the best cyclist but the one who can suffer the most]. It is not the reality of winning or losing but being pushed. To go past who you were and to who you are.

Lastly I want to use another quote. This one from the movie Rocky Balboa,

"What's crazy about going toe to toe and saying I am"

Half Ironman (bike)

mdvcostinby mdvcostinMay 10th 2010
Try Charleston, SC - 1 May 2010

On to the bike

Out of the water and a short trot to the transition area. There was an aid areas to get the wet suit off which was nice. Got to the bike and started to change over. I had positioned every thing in the ready. Helmet, cycling cap and sunglasses on areobar, shoes with jersey on top of them and gels on top shoes, under the shirt. Put on shirt, little issue still being damp. Sat down and put on shoes and socks, and loaded pockets with gels and pop tart. Got up put on glasses and cap, then helmet. Got a big drink of water gator aid mix. Grabbed bike and made way to mounting area. Reached the area and lapped watch. I think it was like 7 or 8 minutes. Will get better but I was not in the hunt for the win on this day. At the mounting area I removed my cleat covers and got on the bike, clipped in and headed out. I settled into a recovery mode I was in the little ring. And big cog moving out at about 17 MPH. Watching heart rate drop and took in a little more water.
I was about at 152 bpm. I knew it was just the run out, jerking the bike around and the excitement that was driving it. After only a few minutes I was back down to 129 bpm. I settled into that and was pushing over at 93 rpm in the little ring and lower cogs. When I reached about 97 - 98 rpm I would jump down a cog. I maintained about a 138 bpm HR. Reason for the lower rate is because I was not sure if I was cycling fit. So I just subtracted 10 beats to level off at 70%. Within the first hour I was comfortably in the big ring and close to the middle cogs, still towards the larger end. I was moving in the 20 - 21 mph zone, still maintaining a good heart rate. Within that hour I ate a pop tart to put back some simple sugars. I had two water bottle with me. The first bottle I was drinking was 1/2 gator aid and 1/2 water. The second bottle was 1/3 water and 2/3 gator aid. I would guess half way through the bike I took a gel knowing I had about an hour and a
half left. I had picked up more water bottles and was drinking them as well as the gator aid mixes. It was getting a little warmer. All said and done I drank around 90 oz of liquid, maybe more on the bike. The last 12 - 13 miles things dropped off dramatically. We turned off on a road that was little rough but seemed to have a constant rise to it. My speed dropped off greatly. I wanted to maintain cadence so I dropped cogs. It was in no time it seemed I dropped to the little ring and was moving through the cogs to maintain cadence and heart rate. At this point I was around 144 bpm. I was only going 16 mph. I was thinking I was going so slow. Then I realized no one was passing. We made a turn and for about 2 miles I got back up to speed and was moving ......then the turn home... Hello Mr head wind. It had to have been 12 MPH minimum. It had trees swaying and flags snapping. I dropped back down to 16 and even to 15 or 14. This was like this until we
rounded the last corner to the go to the transition area. Looking at the computer I knew when I was about a mile out. I had been sitting up now for a while. The last 5 or 6 miles my lower back was hurting. In that last mile I got out of the saddle and really put some power into the legs to give the quads a little wake up call for the run. I started to stretch the lower back by twisting to either side and doing some calf stretches. I did become concerned with my left calf early it started to cramp. I have not had a cramp on a bike in years. I was hoping this would not haunt me on the run.
I felt good when I got to transition area I was not tired, the back was little achey but ready to go. I had anticipated some pain so when I mounted the bike early on I took a 800 mg motrin. Got to area for dismounting and went in at 3:03. not bad I thought. Traded out shoes put on visor and running belt. Then it was out the shoot at about 3 min for the run
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