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Just a man saying I am.
Just a man saying I am.
About Me
I am a husband and father first and foremost. I thought I had been doing sports my whole life. My kids are active in sports and in the past few years I have really focused on their careers as athletes. I caught myself one day pushing one of my kids. Saying "you have to push yourself, go past what you think you can do". The look she gave me, I felt I got back from her, hit hit me like ton of bricks. It was a look of what have you done to push yourself.... Wow, what have I done recently.

Professionally I pushed myself to the top of my field, Spiritually I have a relationship with my Holy Father, Mentally I am pushed with my career. I cannot say emotionally I am there because I am not happy with my physical self. I feel I am overweight, not seeking the next brass ring if you will. I had to push myself to find myself.

I originally wanted to find myself with cycling. I love the thought of pushing. A quote from Armstrong that goes [the winner of the tour is not the best cyclist but the one who can suffer the most]. It is not the reality of winning or losing but being pushed. To go past who you were and to who you are.

Lastly I want to use another quote. This one from the movie Rocky Balboa,

"What's crazy about going toe to toe and saying I am"

Half Ironman (run)

mdvcostinby mdvcostinMay 10th 2010
To the run.

The run was and was not what I expected. I knew it would not be easy, so I expected that. How drained I would be so early in the run rattled me. I was very confident I would finish. The thought of the time cut off did not. bother me. I knew I could beat that as well. But how tired I felt and how soon it hit me. I would rally back slightly, but as the run went on so did the suffering, which is what this all about. But here is the synopsis of the finale.

My heart rate jumped to threshold with in the first half mile, 168 bpm. I thought this was not good this early. I decided to just stop stretch the calves before they cramped. I then walked until I was at 138 bpm. I started to run again with in a quarter mile I was at 168 bpm again. I decided just to walk fast. So I did. I was moving along but feeling like a stump for walking in a triathlon. I got to the aid station and found they were every 1.5 miles. The plan was simple run to the next aid station and walk through them and round to next whole minute and keep doing this. I do not know where the idea of whole minute came from except for more time to walk maybe. So I did this for about 5 miles then the right calf got a knot in it. Luckily I had planned on this happening. I had a neoprene knee sleeve with me in my pocket. I stretched out the calf and put sleeve on it for compression. This happen at about the 5.5 miles. I started to run with woman, we talked
and ran for while. We stuck with the aid station run idea for a while. It lasted about until mile 8 ish. We would run for targets then with a short walk target after it. During this whole running phase I am taking on heed, water, soda, some energy pill tablets, any thing and every thing at the aid stations. I had taken a gel at the beginning of the run. I felt like I was hydrating the best I could. So we are now at mile 10.5 ish I am trotting, at best, during parts of the run. My running partner wanted to get under 2.5 hours. I told to her to go on. I was dialed into a pace I could maintain for the rest of the run. I had 2.1 miles to go and I was determined to run the rest in. With just over 1 mile left I did stop for about 30 seconds to stretch my lower back. When done stretching I got back to the run and passed the one guy who passed me while I was stretching. I was making my way towards the line people cheering, the guy I passed behind me 50 yards. I
was curious if he was going to try and take me. Heart rate 162 bpm. I do not think I have the gas to hold him off if he attacks. Little voice tells me if he comes he will not pass . I felt strong knowing this. I trotted on looking back every so often. For these last two miles and probably more I had been at 162 bpm. The mental process was just keep moving. The calf felt like there was a good bruise on it and someone had their thumb on it. It hurt but could be lived with. I saw my daughter rooting me on that was very motivating. If I would have had to decide when I finished to do an Ironman in August I would have said.... Naaa I am good. Now I am stoked for it. I got a massage for my calves when I was done and the masuse found a knot in both of them and instructed me I need to really stretch those out.

That is how it went down . Sorry it took so long but San Diego was very busy. I managed to get a run and swim in on Wednesday and nothing else for the week. I am hoping for a ride and run this weekend. Weather is supposed to be bad but will make do with trainer and treadmills.
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