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2011 has come early!

mhowoodby mhowoodDec 13th 2010
My recent increase in training has seen a few of my goals for 2012 achieved already!

TARGET 1 - a sub 18min 5Km.
A mob-match at the Richmond Parkrun event on Saturday, between FulOn and Thames Turbo, saw me clock an 18:03.
Ok, so not technically a sub 18 as I'd hoped to achieve BUT my Garmin 310XT clocked the 5K at 18:01 and it is a hilly, off road course. At my home Parkrun (Bushy Park) that should easily equate to under 18 mins.
This was on top of the 40 miles I'd put in my legs during the week, so more speed to come I wonder?

TARGET 2 - move to Swim Lane 3 by Easter.
I've also managed to sidle up a lane swimming over the last couple of weeks and now regularly mix it up in lane 3.

TARGET 3 - find more training hours.
I've been considering an increase in distance to Ironman in 2012, and IM Wales in September seems to be in the lead.
Last weeks training saw me bank almost 11 hours across all 3 disciplines, without doing a long ride or run at the weekend, plus NO impact on family time. So everyone's happy!
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