So far, so good, so what?

mhowoodby mhowoodNov 30th 2010
So far, so good, so what?
The new plan is working surprisingly well. It's only taking one hit of the snooze button to haul myself out of bed. So far my body hadn't cottoned on to what my brain has planned for it later in the off-season, so is still managing to drag itself downstairs, get caffeinated and begin it's chores.

The early morning 'acclimatisation' has done it's job, as so lulled has my body become that I slipped in a 30min Power/Sprint session on the turbo trainer this morning before it realised what was happening. Almost saw all that caffine again, so may have to cut back! I'm managed to move onto Week 3 of the 200situps programme, but still on week 2 of 100pushups, as I ran out of time.
However, I do expect a minor mutiny when the dark 6am swims begin at HOP (Hampton Open Pool)!

This routine isn't limited to weekdays, as I did a 2hour off-road brick on Saturday (my first ever mountain bike ride), rounded off with a 45min trail run. Thanks to club-mate Jon for ferrying me to and dragging me round Ockham Woods.

It's not all been work though.
It was Thames Turbo's 'End of Season Awards' on Saturday night. A chance for us all to leave the Lycra at home and get suited-and-booted.
A great boozy night was had by all and, in between glasses of red, I picked up 2 awards. 1 comedy award for my Mucho Libra costume at the Jekyll and Hyde Duathlon (see above), and the other for winning the club's Richmond Park Marathon.
As Race Team Manager  I also officially announced the members of the Thames Turbo Power Bar team for 2011, but more on that another time.
The next morning it showed that I've been practically T-total all season. I was very ill, despite drinking Nuun before bed!
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