Positives from Negatives - Part 2

mhowoodby mhowoodJan 17th 2012
Positives from Negatives - Part 2
This blog-thing is pretty handy, in terms of recording your thoughts and prepping for next year.

Obviously, I finally managed to puke up a race report for Henley. Yeah, that race was tough, and I was under-trained but it was still an achievement.
You see, I'd started to become blasé about endurance sport during 2011, and I ceased to see marathons or ironman finishes as accomplishments. 'Finishing' wasn't a problem. I was at a point where I could roll out of bed and run a Good For Age marathon (and I did), but could also roll up to Outlaw, ill and grieving my fathers death, and finish in 11:34. Mentally I was tough enough but not at a point where I could commit the time to go quicker. Physically, I'd plateaued at a point of base fitness.
I'd built ironman up to be this insurmountable task. It was tough but it wasn't the Mission Impossible that I thought it would be after watching all those Ironman Kona videos. After all that training and mental prep and self believe (delusion?), it was over.
Maybe that's why Henley was so hard. My focus on Outlaw, with all the injuries and drama, probably dragged me through that period, so 8 weeks later when Henley rolled round, I think I was mentally burnt out.
I'd conquered the demons that had threatened to keep me from the Outlaw start line, so I didn't have the same hunger.

Looking back though, it wasn't as bad as I thought.
There's no way to hide from 'that swim' but I am working on resolving it. In fact, I'm even toying with the idea of the Human Race 10km swim at Eton in May! How dumb is that?!
Now that'd be a goal!
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