Back from the Dead

mhowoodby mhowoodJan 3rd 2013
Back from the Dead
After a year out of Triathlon and racing in general, it's good to feel like a comeback is on the cards.
Priorities change. Life gets in the way. Basically, shit happens... and it did, by the bucket!
It's not always an easy journey, and triathlon, running, sport of any kind really, is Playtime for Adults. Sometimes, you just need to suck it up. Put yourself last. Keep a roof over everyone's head and hope that you can change things over time. So I have, and I did. It felt like jumping from a speedboat to an oil tanker, trying to change course!
I withdrew, were I could, from all my 2012 triathlons including The Swashbuckler and The Outlaw.
I stepped down as Race Team Manager and cut myself off from friends and teammates at Thames Turbo Triathlon Club. I just didn't want to end up as That Guy - a miserable bastard, people would seek to avoid.
The stress I was under was physically and mentally exhausting - damaging to all aspects of your life, health and family.
Hopefully, I've put my past behind me, and my behind in my past :)
Anyway, it's a New Year.
I have very recently taken a new job, for a variety of reasons but one that was key, was 'Quality of Life', or 'Work/Life balance' if you prefer.
I'm hopeful that the stresses that I was previously under won't follow me here.
2013 has new challenges to face, not least of which is another crack at Iron Distance with Challenge Roth in July.
I've scrapped back into Good For Age at the Virgin London Marathon, so will be looking to get that Sub-3hrs I've so narrowly missed in the past.
VLM won't be my primary focus through the winter months though, as I made that mistake in 2010 and I feel that I lacked the physical Power/Strength on both the bike and swim when it came to the Outlaw iron distance.
This means that I've got a good mix of strength and bike over the coming months. I'll still be looking to limit the damage on the swim but I'm more focussed on exiting the water 'fresh' than worrying about saving a few minutes.
I also need to look at getting some leg speed back, as a recent parkrun showed a woeful slide in performance.
It's going to be a long road back, not only to being able to complete the iron distance (and a decent run), but also to feeling like myself again.
Part of all this is family, and I think I got it right last year, prioritising them. This year, as long as I don't neglect them, I know they will support me.

It's a New Year, and I have a full race diary!
Bring it!
TriRachby member: TriRach, Jan 9th 2013 14:32
Hope 2013 goes really well for you and that you smash that sub 3hr marathon!
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