Keep on Running: London Marathon and the rest...

mhowoodby mhowoodApr 25th 2013
Keep on Running: London Marathon and the rest...
Boston happened.
An attack on an international community, on American soil.
Over one hundred injured, dozens maimed, 3 dead.
Lives destroyed. Families ripped apart.

Rewind 24 hours, and I was at a BBQ being reminded that I was running the London Marathon by Kona-bound, Aya Stevens. I'd been having so much fun playing on my Canyon 29er, and racing offroad duathlons, that it had slipped my mind. So when asked what I was hoping for, I said, "I just want to hold onto my GFA (Good For Age) slot, so I can look at Boston next year".
So Boston was on my mind.

Being employed by a world-wide agency, whose head office is in the USA, I felt I may be able to raise money for the victims.
However, without an official Boston Charity status yet, I was unable to.
I did share my thoughts with our MD:

Every year, I run marathons and race ironman triathlons because I want to. I haven't used it as a charity vehicle before. However, the events of Monday, and the damage to families and innocents has dealt a visceral punch.
I'll toe the start line with a heavy heart on Sunday, and even writing this now is emotional, as I think back to the images on television and the press. At many of my events my wife and children are there to see me cross the line. It's the promise of seeing them soon that keeps me going and propels me to the finish line when the race gets hard. To think for one moment that they could be ripped away is too much to digest.

Race Day beckoned, with the promise of 30 seconds of silence. It didn't feel like enough. It was all to raw.
'London for Boston' was in my heart.
Keep on Running: London Marathon and the rest...
Data: Ate a High5 IsoGel every 30 minutes (total of 5), and stuck to a max 162 BPM for the first 20 miles. After 22 miles I let it rise and 'went for it'. In retrospect I went too soon. Mile 23 is the optimum I reckon.
So target achieved, well under my 3:10 target, and GFA for another year.

That was my 2nd London Marathon and my 4th road marathon but the FIRST that I have run from start to finish. No walking.
Keep on Running: London Marathon and the rest...
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