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Challenge Roth - July 2013
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 21st 2013
This needs to be a long report. It was a long race. Challenge Roth 2013. Billed as my A race of the year, and an extravagant present (to myself) for my 40th birthday, it almost feels anticlimactic now in the heat of summer. A season over by mid Ju...
Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013. "Just the fact's, Ma'am"
mhowoodby mhowood Jun 3rd 2013
I stayed at The Swans Hotel again. Family room, and we had the kids tucked up in bed by 8, with me following suit 30 mins later. Kit all laid out and ready in the bathroom. Eye mask and ear plugs! Alarm set for 4:15am and a breakfast of: 2 b...
Keep on Running: London Marathon and the rest...
mhowoodby mhowood Apr 25th 2013
Boston happened. An attack on an international community, on American soil. Over one hundred injured, dozens maimed, 3 dead. Lives destroyed. Families ripped apart. Horrific. Rewind 24 hours, and I was at a BBQ being reminded that I was runni...
Building Blocks
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 18th 2013
Suddenly it's the middle of March. The Virgin London Marathon #VLM is 4 weeks away, the Outlaw Half (70.3) is 10 weeks and the BIG one - Challenge Roth is only 17! Not sure why I'm surprised to be honest. It's the same every year. You choose your k...
Back from the Dead
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 3rd 2013
After a year out of Triathlon and racing in general, it's good to feel like a comeback is on the cards. Priorities change. Life gets in the way. Basically, shit happens... and it did, by the bucket! It's not always an easy journey, and triathlon, ...
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