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Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013. "Just the fact's, Ma'am"
mhowoodby mhowood Jun 3rd 2013
I stayed at The Swans Hotel again. Family room, and we had the kids tucked up in bed by 8, with me following suit 30 mins later. Kit all laid out and ready in the bathroom. Eye mask and ear plugs! Alarm set for 4:15am and a breakfast of: 2 b...
Building Blocks
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 18th 2013
Suddenly it's the middle of March. The Virgin London Marathon #VLM is 4 weeks away, the Outlaw Half (70.3) is 10 weeks and the BIG one - Challenge Roth is only 17! Not sure why I'm surprised to be honest. It's the same every year. You choose your k...
Turbo Drainer
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 17th 2013
I've been engaged in a Twitter conversation this week regarding the weight I give to Turbo training in my Ironman prep. It's actually a recurring theme, with most triathletes incredulous when I say that virtually ALL my Outlaw 2011 prep was on the T...
Beauty and the Beast trail marathon
mhowoodby mhowood Oct 4th 2012
Wokingham Half Marathon - race report
mhowoodby mhowood Feb 28th 2011
The forecast was rain and it did, but not so hard that it was a problem. Refreshing, once you got going actually. Over 2000 people ran with no-one paying any regard to the 'predicted time' pens so I spent the first 2km weaving through slower runners...
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 25th 2011
One of the unforeseen benefits to my new training plan is a 'zen state', or so my wife says. I'm probably best described as high strung. I normally hate training and would much rather race every single weekend if only I could afford it financially, ...
Iron Distance training: Base goals
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 21st 2011
1) Stronger and more relaxed for the swim 2) Increased power on the bike. Optimise training time with anaerobic threshold turbo sessions twice per week 3) Core emphasis throughout strength training 4) Maintain 'basic' run fitness (reduce recovery...
New year. New post. New targets.
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 7th 2011
So far, so good, so what?
mhowoodby mhowood Nov 30th 2010
Today's word: Acclimatisation
mhowoodby mhowood Nov 25th 2010
Well it's only 5 days since my last entry and the start of my 2011 training. Morning miles logged? Nil. AM laps of the pool? Zilch. While cold and frosty outside, my alarm clock has been going off inside but I'm not getting up, yet I'm alre...
I swore I'd never have a blog!
mhowoodby mhowood Nov 19th 2010
I swore I'd never have a blog! It's true. I always distrusted people with blogs: Who cares what you had for breakfast, I thought. So what if you got a parking ticket?! Please take your megalomania and go away! But here I am. Breaking my own...
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