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Back from the Dead
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 3rd 2013
After a year out of Triathlon and racing in general, it's good to feel like a comeback is on the cards. Priorities change. Life gets in the way. Basically, shit happens... and it did, by the bucket! It's not always an easy journey, and triathlon, ...
I Need An Exit
mhowoodby mhowood Feb 9th 2012
6 weeks since my last post. Why? Because nothing has been happening. Training has been virtually non-existent, and I think I've been in the pool once - although I may have dreamt that. Again. Why? What's changed? Work. I took a new job in J...
Iron Distance training: Base goals
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 21st 2011
1) Stronger and more relaxed for the swim 2) Increased power on the bike. Optimise training time with anaerobic threshold turbo sessions twice per week 3) Core emphasis throughout strength training 4) Maintain 'basic' run fitness (reduce recovery...
Running in Narnia
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 20th 2010
Firstly, loving the snow! I didn't have the greatest time of things towards the end of last week, as I spent a good part of Thursday in-and-out of Hospital and Doctor's surgeries trying to get treatment for a fever and badly swollen and painful te...
2011 has come early!
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 13th 2010
My recent increase in training has seen a few of my goals for 2012 achieved already! TARGET 1 - a sub 18min 5Km. A mob-match at the Richmond Parkrun event on Saturday, between FulOn and Thames Turbo, saw me clock an 18:03. Ok, so not technicall...
Faster than a South Western Train
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 6th 2010
Running in the snow Got quite a lot to ramble on about in this post, as what started out as a quiet week has snowballed... The snow that brought the country to a halt last week, had the opposite effect on my training. Being freelance, workin...
A Cunning Plan
mhowoodby mhowood Nov 20th 2010
With an every growing list of Triathlons, Duathlons, and now Ultra runs that I want to do, I really need to get around to whittling them down. Focus, might be a better word. It seems virtually every weekend next year has an event I like, some even h...
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