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Bustin' Balls - race report
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 5th 2012
Spring Ballbuster Duathlon 2012 8 mile Run, 24 mile Bike, 8 mile Run My first time at this event, and it's one that I've been too intimidated to enter for years. Maybe it's the fact it's that two 8 mile runs, interspersed with a bike leg th...
Kingston Breakfast Run - not a good day at the office
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 28th 2011
I haven't written anything since my Wokingham Half report, which began with me posting a 1:21 and a 5 min PB and ended with food poisoning hours later! I'm writing this post the morning after 16miles at the Kingston Breakfast Run. Lets get this o...
Wokingham Half Marathon - race report
mhowoodby mhowood Feb 28th 2011
The forecast was rain and it did, but not so hard that it was a problem. Refreshing, once you got going actually. Over 2000 people ran with no-one paying any regard to the 'predicted time' pens so I spent the first 2km weaving through slower runners...
Winter Tanner 20 report
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 10th 2011
Since the Winter Tanner isn't technically a race, I guess this is an Event Report. I intentionally approached the Winter Tanner fatigued; with a Thursday turbo session, a Friday tempo 10 mile run and long swim on Saturday night, all conspiring to ...
Running in Narnia
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 20th 2010
Firstly, loving the snow! I didn't have the greatest time of things towards the end of last week, as I spent a good part of Thursday in-and-out of Hospital and Doctor's surgeries trying to get treatment for a fever and badly swollen and painful te...
Salomon Turbo X - 10 miles offroad - Borden
mhowoodby mhowood Nov 21st 2010
Sunday, and I wake up to a cold but most importantly, dry day. Pre-race breakfast is Ready Brek with sultanas, and a fresh brewed coffee. It worked at the Turbo Marathon! Museli is so yesterday, gruel is cool. Peter Stewart, club-mate and tea...
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