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Outlaw Triathlon 2011 race report
mhowoodby mhowood Jul 26th 2011
...or, How Not to Take Long Distance Seriously. WARNING: this is epic in length, but I'm reliably informed by Nathan that this is how it should be. Also, to save you all scrolling to the bottom, I'll tell you the time first > 11:34 hrs. Excus...
Suck it up, Buttercup!
mhowoodby mhowood May 12th 2011
How long has it been since I blogged? Weeks? Months? It's all been a bit busy since the Brighton Marathon. School holidays. Increased mileage on the bike. Organising the Thames Turbo PowerBar team (we're leading the London League). Post-maratho...
Kingston Breakfast Run - not a good day at the office
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 28th 2011
I haven't written anything since my Wokingham Half report, which began with me posting a 1:21 and a 5 min PB and ended with food poisoning hours later! I'm writing this post the morning after 16miles at the Kingston Breakfast Run. Lets get this o...
Lab Rat: VO2 running test
mhowoodby mhowood Feb 28th 2011
I'm taking part in a Marathon Study for PHD student, Jessica Hill, at St Marys University College, Teddington. It's investigating the effectiveness of different recovery strategies that are used to help reduce muscle damage and soreness following a M...
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