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Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013. "Just the fact's, Ma'am"
mhowoodby mhowood Jun 3rd 2013
I stayed at The Swans Hotel again. Family room, and we had the kids tucked up in bed by 8, with me following suit 30 mins later. Kit all laid out and ready in the bathroom. Eye mask and ear plugs! Alarm set for 4:15am and a breakfast of: 2 b...
Building Blocks
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 18th 2013
Suddenly it's the middle of March. The Virgin London Marathon #VLM is 4 weeks away, the Outlaw Half (70.3) is 10 weeks and the BIG one - Challenge Roth is only 17! Not sure why I'm surprised to be honest. It's the same every year. You choose your k...
Turbo Drainer
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 17th 2013
I've been engaged in a Twitter conversation this week regarding the weight I give to Turbo training in my Ironman prep. It's actually a recurring theme, with most triathletes incredulous when I say that virtually ALL my Outlaw 2011 prep was on the T...
Postives from Negatives aka Challenge Henley
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 30th 2011
6 months since my last post, 'It's all Mental' Yowza! What's been happening? Well, I went from that to Challenge Henley in September, courtesy of Swimovate, averaging only 6 hours a week training; it's not that I wanted to train as little as tha...
It's all Mental - an ironman on less than 8 hours a week?!
mhowoodby mhowood Aug 3rd 2011
I've been looking over my Triblogs training diary this week, and although I knew that life, illness and injury had gotten in the way of my training for The Outlaw iron distance Triathlon, I don't think I'd stopped to realise how much. I kinda glo...
Outlaw Triathlon 2011 race report
mhowoodby mhowood Jul 26th 2011
...or, How Not to Take Long Distance Seriously. WARNING: this is epic in length, but I'm reliably informed by Nathan that this is how it should be. Also, to save you all scrolling to the bottom, I'll tell you the time first > 11:34 hrs. Excus...
17 days later... pretty as a picture
mhowoodby mhowood Jun 3rd 2011
As the headline says, what a difference 2 weeks makes! My wife, Sheela, spent over an hour last Friday removing the stitches, whilst watching House and drinking red wine. Ah, Friday nights aren't what they used to be! There's been some serious r...
Crash Bang Wallop. Oh, what a picture!
mhowoodby mhowood May 18th 2011
Another post so soon?! You're spoiling us! Well, maybe not. After things were going so well, I've managed to take myself out of training for a good 7-10 days. A 120km bike (Twickenham-Windsor loop) was going well on Sunday until a freak accid...
Kingston Breakfast Run - not a good day at the office
mhowoodby mhowood Mar 28th 2011
I haven't written anything since my Wokingham Half report, which began with me posting a 1:21 and a 5 min PB and ended with food poisoning hours later! I'm writing this post the morning after 16miles at the Kingston Breakfast Run. Lets get this o...
Lab Rat: VO2 running test
mhowoodby mhowood Feb 28th 2011
I'm taking part in a Marathon Study for PHD student, Jessica Hill, at St Marys University College, Teddington. It's investigating the effectiveness of different recovery strategies that are used to help reduce muscle damage and soreness following a M...
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