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Positives from Negatives - Part 2
mhowoodby mhowood Jan 17th 2012
This blog-thing is pretty handy, in terms of recording your thoughts and prepping for next year. Obviously, I finally managed to puke up a race report for Henley. Yeah, that race was tough, and I was under-trained but it was still an achievement....
Postives from Negatives aka Challenge Henley
mhowoodby mhowood Dec 30th 2011
6 months since my last post, 'It's all Mental' Yowza! What's been happening? Well, I went from that to Challenge Henley in September, courtesy of Swimovate, averaging only 6 hours a week training; it's not that I wanted to train as little as tha...
Outlaw Triathlon 2011 race report
mhowoodby mhowood Jul 26th 2011
...or, How Not to Take Long Distance Seriously. WARNING: this is epic in length, but I'm reliably informed by Nathan that this is how it should be. Also, to save you all scrolling to the bottom, I'll tell you the time first > 11:34 hrs. Excus...
17 days later... pretty as a picture
mhowoodby mhowood Jun 3rd 2011
As the headline says, what a difference 2 weeks makes! My wife, Sheela, spent over an hour last Friday removing the stitches, whilst watching House and drinking red wine. Ah, Friday nights aren't what they used to be! There's been some serious r...
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