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A Cunning Plan

mhowoodby mhowoodNov 20th 2010
A Cunning Plan
With an every growing list of Triathlons, Duathlons, and now Ultra runs that I want to do, I really need to get around to whittling them down. Focus, might be a better word.
It seems virtually every weekend next year has an event I like, some even have 3 on the same day.
In the meantime, I do have some preliminary targets, in the form of PBs.

2011 >>>

Sub 10min swim/T1 split at the Thames Turbo race series
28min for 1500m OW
Sub 40min for 1900m at Vitruvian 2011. I did a shameful 47min in 2010, when I got lost in the fog.

34min bike split at the Thames Turbo race series
Sub 2:30 bike split at Vitruvian 2011, equating to a 4:45 finish.

Sub 18min 5km (Bushy Park Parkrun)
Sub 37min 10km
Sub 3hr Marathon at the Brighton Marathon (10/4/11)

These are all achievable, most by the start of the summer, and should represent targets along the way to race PBs and longer distances.

A sub 3hr marathon should be achievable, as I clocked a 3:11 around Richmond Park for 26.2mls a few weeks ago, as part of the Thames Turbo Marathon. RP consists of trails and hills, so I'm guessing that would equate to under 3hours on a flat course.
Sub 18min at Bushy Park should come in the next couple of months. My current PB is tantalisingly close at 18:09, and an under-the-weather 18:17 today leaves me confident.

The swimming will be harder. Some bad starts (fog) and allergic reactions (diesel, jellyfish?) have really knocked my confidence but I have a cunning plan. Hold on to your socks... I'm going to swim more! Obvious really, but I hate the pool in winter. I'm trying to distract myself with larger swim paddles and focus on building core strength.

The bike will be a problem, as there's no easy way around it. It just means long, sweaty hours slogging it out on the Turbo Trainer, plus squats. The bike split is the key to getting under 1:05 in the Thames Turbo race series.

As part of all this, and to keep things interesting, I'm looking at completing the 6 week programmes at and all before the New Year.
I'll keep you posted.
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