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Crash Bang Wallop. Oh, what a picture!

mhowoodby mhowoodMay 18th 2011
Crash Bang Wallop. Oh, what a picture!
Another post so soon?! You're spoiling us!

Well, maybe not.

After things were going so well, I've managed to take myself out of training for a good 7-10 days.
A 120km bike (Twickenham-Windsor loop) was going well on Sunday until a freak accident. Whereby a stick somehow lodged itself between my frame/forks and front wheel, and sent me face first into the road at over 20mph.
I'd probably have gotten away with only scrapes and bruises, if my sunglasses' lens hadn't embedded itself in my forehead!
A lot of blood, a ride in an ambulance, a lot of stitches and advised, 'don't get them wet for a week'.
You don't have to tell me twice, Doc.
Swim? Nope. I can't raise my right arm past 90 degrees until the bruising goes down, due to adsorbing a lot of the fall on my shoulder.
Bike? Ha! Hip and knee bruised and swollen.
Run? Are you kidding? Face is swollen and every bump pulls on the stitches.

The Outlaw (Iron Distance) triathlon is less than 10 weeks. I'm out for 7-10 days, and in fairness probably won't be back up to speed for at least 2 weeks. Throw in a 2 week taper period and I've only got 6 weeks of Build training.
RichGby member: RichG, May 23rd 2011 15:20
Hang in there - seems like a disaster but a week or so out of action is never as bad as you think - sometimes it actually does you more good. I remember a few years back breaking my collar bone 6 weeks before Ironman UK 70.3 and could only turbo until 2 weeks before but still got round in a pb.

Trust all the training you've done before!.
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