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Kingston Breakfast Run - not a good day at the office

mhowoodby mhowoodMar 28th 2011
Kingston Breakfast Run - not a good day at the office
I haven't written anything since my Wokingham Half report, which began with me posting a 1:21 and a 5 min PB and ended with food poisoning hours later!

I'm writing this post the morning after 16miles at the Kingston Breakfast Run. Lets get this out of the way first, I blew up. Early. I went out with a pace and time in mind, but couldn't raise my HR enough to achieve it. I ran sub 170 beats the whole way, which for me is around marathon pace. I 'finished' in 1:42:30 and 29th place (Human Race didn't record my chip - they're looking into it). This was a good 2-3minutes down on what I set out to do. Average pace was 3:57 per Km, I was looking for 3:52 or better.
As for the event itself, I didn't feel like I was racing, more that I was in my head the whole time and trying not to stop! It's local and a great location in the Market Place in Kingston, so I cycled over, and I had a relaxed start after chit chat with other Thames Turbos. Due to it's course, the race is lacking in supporters but I had a good run for the first 6 miles swapping places back-n-forth with a young guy who was running my target time. Good fun. Nutrition was right, and I used all 3 race gels plus my 'spare' one. Wheels started coming off after 30 minutes though, as seconds started to creep onto my splits.
Congratulations have to go to fellow Turbo, and Thames Turbo PowerBar team member, James Brown who came second in 1:31. Lost sight of him within 2km. Awesome!

Instead of beating myself up, I need to look back to Wokingham and the food poisoning. That day sparked off 5 weeks of poor health. My body was exhausted after that PB and not being able to keep food in for 3 days after, really knocked me back. A suppressed immune system welcomed in a Noro virus, from my kids, a week later. Cue days off work and no food for another 4 days. A week on from there and I caught a bad cold from my kids. I do love 'em but they're killing me!
Not wishing to see it develop into a chest infection, I throttled everything back during this time, limiting myself to a couple of long runs and pool sessions. Anything left me exhausted. My whole Zen state and morning training sessions are in tatters for the moment.
Mentally it's been tough, as I'm training towards The Outlaw Triathlon - my first iron distance event. I've missed all my long bike rides, endurance swims and a 100mile Sportive, so 'the plan' is off by 4 weeks and counting.
For the last week I've even been thinking of withdrawing my entry...

Hopefully the worst is behind me now, and I can focus on carefully building myself back up throughout April. However, part of that is realising how much I'm on the back foot already, and not doing too much too soon. 5 weeks of ill health and so many days (10?) without food have really hurt the muscular advances I was making in both the swim and bike.
Yesterday's run was good, as although I didn't achieve one of my goals; top 20 and sub 1:40, it did give me a clearer idea for pacing at the Brighton Marathon, which was the main reason for entering, and a chance to test my new Brooks T7 racing flats on a longer distance before running 26.2 miles in them.
My hopes for going sub 3hrs, are now looking shaky. So I'm looking to my next benchmark of 3:10 and achieving Good For Age for entry into London Marathon 2012. I'll need to be happy with that, focus on enjoying the day and cheering on my fellow runners from Thames Turbo.
It's fair and I can't bluster, What If. I simply haven't put in the mileage to deserve the time that Lactic-this-and-that would suggest I'm capable of.

Only forward.
mhowoodby blog author: mhowood, Apr 1st 2011 12:18
Yay! Finally been added to the results for the Kingston Breakfast Run (16 miles). Looks like I was not the only one with unrecorded chip times!
A less than stellar run but still managed 30th place overall with 1:42:29, out of over 1398 finishers.
Top 20 in 2012! ;)
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