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Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013. "Just the fact's, Ma'am"

mhowoodby mhowoodJun 3rd 2013
Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013.
I stayed at The Swans Hotel again. Family room, and we had the kids tucked up in bed by 8, with me following suit 30 mins later.
Kit all laid out and ready in the bathroom.
Eye mask and ear plugs!

Alarm set for 4:15am and a breakfast of:
2 bowls muesli. 3 slices toast with marmalade. 2 cups coffee.
1 bottle High5 in transition.
44:31 mins
Nutrition: 1 gel in transition, 15 mins before start.

The swim was almost easier than I expected.
After an unrelenting winter, and the late opening of the lakes, I'd only managed 400m at Shepperton Swim before the cold forced my clenched limbs from the water. Honestly, it was horrific!

Holme Pierrepont was to be a different story. Sort off. With only minutes between Wave Starts, there was not a lot of time for acclimatisation. In fact, I had to climb out of Pen 1 and into Pen 2, due to cold, only seconds before the start it seemed.
2 swim hats was the charm though, and after taking about 100m to relax, the swim proceeded without incident.
It was almost surprising how familiar it all was. 44 mins is still a long time to be in the water, but a lot less than the 50mins I was prepared for!

This was relaxed! I'd opted for socks and to put my tritop on in T1, as well as a thin Mavic long sleeve cycle top. I even dried myself.
A speedy transition wasn't the objective but rather a warm, comfortable cycle.

3 bottles High5 (drank about 2 1/2).
4 gels.

Avg 31.03km/h
Avg 90rpm > 131rpm
Avg 150bpm > 165bpm
Note: Paced bike at Garmin HR alarm set for 155bpm

The bike was shared parts with my Outlaw 2011 course, except this was a 1 lap affair with a southern loop.
Road surfaces are what I have come to expect from British roads. 25mm tyres @ 90psi may be the key in future. As it was I started to feel the strain around 70km, not helped by what felt like a constant headwind buffeting off the hedgerows.

T2 1:41
Slightly quicker but hampered by road shoes and skidding around in cleats.

1 iso gel
Flat coke from 16km (?)

Avg 157bpm > 177bpm
Avg Pace 4:41 min/km

A slower run than I expected. Hopes of a 1:30 similar to my middle distance debut at Vitruvian in 2010, were not to be replicated. Legs felt heavy, and stomach uncomfortable.
Outlaw Half. 2 June 2013.
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