Today's word: Acclimatisation

mhowoodby mhowoodNov 25th 2010
Well it's only 5 days since my last entry and the start of my 2011 training.
Morning miles logged? Nil. AM laps of the pool? Zilch.

While cold and frosty outside, my alarm clock has been going off inside but I'm not getting up, yet I'm already in bed by 10pm?! Not an early riser, clearly.
What is also clear, between household-stuff (emptying dishwasher, putting washing on), and getting two young boys fed, dressed and washed, any training I do needs to see me finished and home by 7am for my family duties.
Triathlon is after all my choice, and at the end of the day, a hobby. Only I will remember missed sessions. However, there are two wee boys who will remember when Daddy 'wasn't there' for the rest of their lives. A bit grandiose but true nevertheless.

Just 'getting up' is key here. I love bed! I love sleeping! But I've decided to make a go of it in 2011, so something has to give. Me.
I think that the alarm going off and me waking up thinking, whilst sick with exhaustion, that I now need to get sweaty, is the problem.

The New Plan.
So you may be surprised to learn that the New Plan is not unlike the Old Plan, in fact it is EXACTLY like the Old Plan, except for one major change... no training!
That's right. The new plan is simply to get up, putter round the house, make coffee, maybe read and if I get really bored, do a sit-up or two!
In a nutshell: Acclimatisation.

Please, before anyone chimes in, "train at lunchtime" or similar, I need to point out that that is the dream, baby!
My current 'work situation' (freelance at 37?), has had me at 3 different jobs across London in the last 5 days! Without consistency in my career I can't plan. It's taking all I have, mentally, not to lose it as it is. My business collapsed over a year ago and I'm still actively searching for a permanent job but they are few and far between in my field and seniority. Rant over...
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Trihardmumby member: Trihardmum, Nov 25th 2010 20:27
Okay gunforhire! I'll give you a challenge! Having recently lost my early morning running partner - (she moved 2 villages away which makes our early morning runs a bit tricky!) I have reduced my early am runs from 6 or 7, 5km's to 3 or 4 max! Very lazy - but I too, love my bed. I also love my other running partner - my dog, but clearly not as much as my bed! (and my 3 kids, and husband - who also all need me by 7am to be doing mum stuff - so I guess we are pretty similar?!)
So, my challenge to you, is.... I will run if you run. Okay, that is a bit weird isn't it? since you clearly live over 100 miles away, but I have a guilt thing, and, if I know that you are getting out of your warm and snuggly bed (yes, that IS a a word!) I will feel guilty and so I will get up and run too!
So, get your head torch out, and your gloves and hat and any other device you need to get you out warm and safe and run!
So, 6.15am tomorrow - Friday 26th Nov - I will run and I will think of you - running too!
See ya! Trihardmum
mhowoodby blog author: mhowood, Nov 26th 2010 09:09
Thanks for the comments. Fitting it all in is tough, eh?
Didn't see your message until this morning though, as I swam with the club last night, so missed your challenge but does this count?

1) I did get up at 6am! Coffee percolator was filled and ready to go, before bed. So I was suitably caffeinated by 6:15. Did all my chores, and managed to read a couple of pages of 'Born To Run' before the kids woke up, mewling to be fed.

2) No time for the turbo trainer but did fit in Week2 of onehundredpushups and twohundredsitups, rounded off by Week3 of twohundredsquats.

3) Walked to train station (1mile+). Damn, forgot wallet and oyster card! Jogged home, jogged back. So squeezed in an easy 3km.

So far so good! I hope this is the beginning of a trend; minus the forgotten wallets. :)

Looking forward to my first off-road brick session tomorrow morning: 2 hour mountain bike ride, followed by 45min trail run.
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