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Wokingham Half Marathon - race report

mhowoodby mhowoodFeb 28th 2011
The forecast was rain and it did, but not so hard that it was a problem. Refreshing, once you got going actually.
Over 2000 people ran with no-one paying any regard to the 'predicted time' pens so I spent the first 2km weaving through slower runners. I must have passed hundreds in the first 5 minutes trying to get to the runners in front. Along the way I passed fellow Turbos and Team members, Ben and Pete.
Trusty Garmin 310XT on my wrist, I set off at my 'Cabbage Patch 10' pace (3:48 min/km), reasoning that what difference could a few miles make?
The run itself was pretty uneventful and I just ticked along running down people, and drafting the bigger guys up the hills. By 15km (57:33) the undulating course and conditions had stacked a few extra seconds onto each km, so a sub 1:20 was no longer on the cards. I did harbour a hope that I could claw these back until the hill (with headwind) at 10 miles, with no pack around I couldn't draft, so sapped what reserves I had. I lost 17 seconds there, so now it was just a matter of limiting the damage. Seconds ticked away, and I was passed by the first runner of the day (but with a slower finish time), the Garmin bleeped out the remaining kilometres and I just held on, concentrating on staying below 4 min/km.
I crossed the line in 1:21:46, a new PB by 5 minutes and ran the final kilometre in 3:33. Avg pace 3:52 min/km
Final results aren't out yet but I think I'm 86th out of 2055, on a day when the course record tumbled.

Thanks to Jon Porter for driving the comedy bus, and the nice lady that let us park in her drive.
No thanks go to BP Wokingham for the food poisoning. I only have myself to blame.
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