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Michael's journey to become half ironman

Boxing and Instruments of Pain

michaelpgallucciby michaelpgallucciJul 3rd 2013
So the PT comes to my house twice a week and we start off slow. Do you like boxing he asks? (Apart from the OW swim start, why else would I need to tone up my right hook for a triathlon?) OK I say, and he starts teaching me how to box. This is fun, and onlt painful for him if I miss hit. Boxing is followed up by a run. In my condition, the run is really a waddle for 2 minutes and then a jog for 2 minutes, but we need to start somewhere. I hate it, feel everyone is looking at me with this superfit guy in his T-Shirt emblazoned with XXX PERSONAL TRAINER and me flagging (and lagging) behind. We get back to the house and its kettle bells, foam rollers (designed to inflict pain all over) and stretching. In 3 months I lose 4 kilos and starting to feel a bit better about myself, although a triathlon before the end of 2011 is not going to happen!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 3rd 2013 14:35
Still enjoying this, it's like a story!
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