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Michael's journey to become half ironman

The Watford 10K (Part 1)

michaelpgallucciby michaelpgallucciJul 6th 2013
With Christmas 2011 out of the way, I sit down with the PT and we agree that a 10km run would be a good first target for the year as opposed to a full on triathlon. Whilst I am super-keen to jump in the water etc, I need a whole lot of training to do, especially as I have hardly swum a stroke in 25 years. The Watford 10K is selected and I send off my £20 and receive a number in the post. Whilst doing this, I find out that my brother is also running the same race (he is younger than me) so I have a big reason to train hard and try and beat him. My plan for four months is run up and down hills on a monday, run for 30 to 60 minutes twice a week and have interval training on a friday. By about March I am actually starting to enjoy it, and other than some pain in my shins, it does not hurt too bad. As we rapidly approach the 7 May and the race, family and friends make arrangements to stand on the finish line and my traning is taking shape. I have a beer with my brother who also says his training is going well so we shall see who wins on the day!
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