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Kiiroi Jitensha-chan (Miss Yellow Bike)
After Stockton, Richmond, Brighton in 2008 as a novice building up to an Olypic distance at London in 2009 with a few other bits & bobs along the way. Just for fun!

Pool Swim

misspeppichanby misspeppichanNov 10th 2008
Fun to train together and we both pushed each other. Aim to go once a week together.

4 x 3 warm up (3rd length breaststroke)
2 x 4 (2 catch up, 2 crawl)
2 x 4 (1 arm, 1 arm, long dog, fast crawl)
2 x 6 (increase pace crawl)
1 x 10 steady
1 x 12 steady
Tot 62
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