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Sun Run & Cole Classic

mstangerby mstangerFeb 12th 2011
Sun Run & Cole Classic
It has been quiet from me for a while. With 2010 truly past ... and summer in Sydney, focus is again on sport rather than work (it's not gonna run away).

So what's new. Basically I cancelled most of my travel for 2011 and will only go as I see fit. Business travel with extended working hours, in particular with the next client 8 flight hours away, is extremely unpractical to keep that training regime up.

Said and done. With summer in Sydney and the rock pool on every corner, I signed up for the "Sun Run" last Sat 05/Feb/11 and the "Cole Classic" last Sun 06/Feb/11. The Sun Run being rather bizarre a race doing one-way of my normal training route along the beach with closed roads and 6,000 people (not bad for an outer suburb race and the first time). Given the heat wave and it was a great race ... and finishing at Manly Beach opened a great opportunity for a well needed cool down.

The Cole Classic on Sunday was my first time. 1k Ocean Swim from inward facing Shelly Beach to Manly Beach... with a few thousand participants. Given my swimming skills, needless to say I was nervous to Swim 1000m in open sea. But not only was the race perfectly organised, the "back of the pack" was perfect for all swimming abilities. The most important thing to remember is to turn left at the second buoy or else you might end up in New Zealand. - A perfect day in the sun.
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