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Swimming for Dummies

mstangerby mstangerFeb 5th 2010
"So who out there wants to be a Triathlete but is sh#* scared of the swim?"

Check out if you want to

Still tracking really well on my 2010 plan, I eventually had to give in and start swimming boot camp. Needless to say I haven't been that NERVOUS in a while. Don't get me wrong, I am quite comfy in the water (once you breast stroke 1500m in a tri you know you don't have to worry), but finally overcoming my lack of free style swimming is HUGE (for me anyway).

I have to say though, I am half way through the TotalImmersion (2 out of 4) sessions and it all seems possible. Not only is this a whole different approach to swimming - it's an entirely new one for me. Natural movements and a 'zen' approach is the perfect fit for me.

So I keep going up and down the pool doing unusual but great drills and felling more comfy with every length I do. Thank you Sarah!

Enjoy the journey, see you at the races.
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