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Somebody Serious
I'm into Boxing, Thai Boxing, Running, Cycling, weights and Snow-boarding.

I've done a few Marathons and Half-Marathons over the last few years, and looking to get into Triathlons in 2010. You'll notice I didn't mention swimming above, because I'm hopeless at it :), and now have 6 months to learn before my first Sprint race.

Triblogs in awesome

muaythai01by muaythai01Nov 8th 2009
I've been training for 15 years now, and always had a training plan, but aside from using Garmin Connect I've never made the effort to keep a training diary. I've recently taken up Boxing again at the awesome ARD training camp ( run by Andre Daltry and he pursuaded me that I really should keep one. Now I can see patterns that I was previously missing, allowing me to make my training so much more efficient.

The big improvement I'd like to see in Triblogs would be a way to easily upload my Garmin data into it, rather than using Garmin Connect. Any ideas anyone?
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