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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

BUCS Sprint 2012

mule35by mule35May 10th 2012
Its only taken me three years, but I have finally competed in a sport for my university. Considering it was a major reason for coming to uni I'm quite ashamed.

BUCS 2012 Sprint, before I start, I have to say what a fabulous event this is, very well run and I had a great day :)

So Sunday involved me getting up early doors and making the trip solo to Calne, Wilts. After a minor detour due to a road being closed I got there and set up my stuff. I never realised how much friends and family do at a race, running to the car and back, cheering you on the list is endless. I probably made the trip to and from the car about 5times, normally my step dad, having magical powers of foreseeing things I will forget has a knack of being able to grab hold of them and producing them just before things get sweary.

Any way I got to the pool and was told to count my laps which at a start put me at a disadvantage, as I cant count laps for toffee. I get to about 4 and can't decide whether I am on my 4th approaching my 5th or on my 5th. So I jumped in all eager and determined to count my laps. The guy in front of me pushed off and I waited my 10sec before setting off. I decided that it would best suit me to sprint the first few metres and get on his feet. So off I set like a man possessed and caught him at the end of lap one. So I decided to sit there for the next 500m. However, I was increasingly aware of how untired I was and started to get concerned I was going to slow. So I decided to overtake and lead for a bit. Needless to say I had forgotten how many lengths we had done and was relying on the float in the water to show me when to get out. Obviously I missed it, and swam an extra 50m for my trouble. Oh well.

After getting out and hiding my face to disguise the shame of the extra two lengths I made my way into transition and promptly grabbed my bike and set off. I got to the mount line, which is an absolute mile away from the racking, with a run along some mats. I had forgotten my elastic bands which made my mounting possibly the slowest mounting EVER!!!

Once on the bike I soon got settled, the pace/effort ratio felt good. I didn't know how fast I was going as I deliberately left all watches and computers at home. I figured this was at best a training session so the plan was get into the hurt locker and stay there. I got up the hill, having given half the group a easy ride sitting about 2cm off my rear wheel and used my mass to get me down the descent at an unbelievable speed. I coasted up the next climb and was able to stay in the big ring where most people were spinning away in their granny rings.

Past the roundabout I began the long descent (it looked like a descent on but however I'd describe it as a false flat at best. Then everything seemed to go wrong. I got passed by two people blatantly drafting (they looked as if they were in an team pursuit) and decided that they could go off on their own, so I sat up for a drink just as the draft buster drove past me, JUSTICE!!! Anyway I carried on and seemed to run into every horse rider in Wiltshire. Having seen a horse kick out because of a bike going to fast past I slowed right down...every time. Trust me there were a lot of times.

So I got back to the mount line having over taken more than I had been over taken by (my general rule for the bike course) and began the long long long run to T2.

Once I got there I calmly got my shoes on had a quick drink and plodded out of T2. That was the underlying tome for the entire run. I plodded in a very sedentary 23min :( 2min of my usual time, but my 10th run since xmas, so I'm not to fussed.

So its back to exams and one more essay. Thanks to all those who answered the survey, I'll let you know more about it next time :)
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