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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

1st win of the season :D

mule35by mule35Aug 23rd 2011
So recently I've practically been living at work so didn't have high expectations going into the 1500m race due to the distinct lack of swim I viewed it as a training session more than an actual race.

I got to the start late and had to sprint down onto the pontoon....I felt like a pro running to the start. However this meant that I was in a rubbish start position, I was on the front row but out of the stream (1st part of the race is downstream) and I was trapped between a sand bar and the rest of the group. The starter told us all to move back as people were over the start line then BOOM!! The race was off, at this point I was swimming backstroke moving thus placing me about 5m behind everyone :( I set off and some barstool kept forcing me onto the sand bar and I ended up smashing my hand on the floor :(. Rather than following my water-polo instincts I didn't run over the guy, I went around him on the inside and kicked really hard when he tried to grab my feet and I away from him :)

So I thought lets see how we do and try and catch people...I set off and lead a chase group to what I thought was the lead group...I broke away to catch them...However it turned out to be my dad on his own. At this point I had mixed emotions, sadness knowing that the lead pack was 100m up the course, I think I could have got there if I'd had a better start but hey. However, I felt joy that I had overtaken my dad, he beat me at Henley so it was a nice feeling going past him.

So off I went on my own trying to get a good time. I ended up coming in at 20:29; 11th overall and winning the Under 25 males category :) so happy days.

Holiday next week so doing lots of bike work this week and trying to swim and run on holiday :) to maintain fitness for my OD d├ębut at the HSBC triathlon...aiming for a 2hr 30sec so need the practice time
1st win of the season :D
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