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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

Another month of lost time

mule35by mule35Aug 2nd 2011
So almost a month on...I suppose it is time for me to check in again. The last month has been interesting to say the least. There has been more work at least, I work on a casual contract, so when I'm offered work, I have to take it otherwise there is no £ going into the TT bike fund, which is getting lower and lower as my degree carries on. I've had a few stomach problems, resulting in me losing weight doing no training; as anything I've eaten is seen within about 20min which is not good for training on as I always feel lethargic. I managed to pass my renewal test for my pool lifeguard, allowing me to work for another 2yrs in the warmest place in Her Majesty's Great Britain (so it seems) which means the triathlon habit (and my studies) can be fuelled for a bit longer :). Another item fitting the bill is unorthodox training method...helping people move house is probably just as good as any gym session, and when I assisted the gf's parents move, I must have carried boxes up and downstairs nearly 100 times.

So onto training. I came into this month with high expectations, more time to train, nicer weather to train, no injuries to hamper training. Only one managed to be fulfilled...the injury part, probs the best one for me I suppose. However my aim to do a sub2:30 OD is looking less and less achievable...even more so due to my lack of £ to enter races, why are races so expensive?

I find when I try to run at threshold, my chest goes tight and my breathing and rhythm begin to suffer...solution....TRAIN THROUGH THE PAIN!! I'm following the advice my lecturer gave me when we talked about training....... the best way to train, in terms of gaining fitness, is as hard as you for as long as you can. So at the moment my aim is to get some more hours in around work, which may prove to be difficult with the schools breaking up but I will endeavour to get at least 5hrs a week in...(normally I get 10+ in when at uni). However, training is still fun no matter what I'm doing or how its going so all is well :)

So yeah, 8 weeks to get fit for an OD, go on holiday, sort a uni flat out...loads of time :P

29days till holiday.... :D
Another month of lost time
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