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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

First Olympic Distance Race Report

mule35by mule35Sep 20th 2011
So on Sunday I completed my first olympic distance triathlon. I got up early(ish) doors and made the 2hr journey to Dorney Lake, nr. Windsor. I promised my girlfriend I'd take her to an event at an Olympic venue, a triathlon at the site of the rowing does count, however I feel this wasn't the event she had in mind.

Anyway, roadworks on the M4 caused me to run a bit behind schedule so I literally ran from transition into the water, not the tropical 20.5*C that I had seen whilst signing up but a rather sharp 17*C :(

The gun started and I thought my way from the back to the front and found myself on the feet of someone who was swimming straight at a pace I thought was close to what I wanted to swim so I thought lets enjoy the ride and save some energy. Now I look back at it, maybe I should have exerted more energy on the second lap to get past him rather than hip drafting but hey ho I was concerned on pacing and sat in. I came out of the water 4th and made my way into T1. Luckily my bike was close to the swim exit so I managed to not waste too much time when I ran past my bike. I ran out of T1 3rd and settled onto my pace on lap 2 of 8.

After 8 laps of fighting not to get into a race, I repeatedly said "pace it don't race it!" when all the relay participants and sprint racers were drafting me and racing by, I tried hard to make sure that I didn't let many people from my wave overtake me, I think only 2 people overtook me so for my first 40km TT in a race it went quite well :)

I came into the run with fairly fresh legs, better than I expected and feeling better than a sprint, and I set off on the run. I got about 1.25km before I my post bike run legs arrived and my pace dropped. I got my second wind about 6km in however there wasn't enough fuel in the tank to pick the pace up.

I finished in 2:26.29, which considering my broken season wasn't too bad and it fell in between my ambitious (2:20) target and my conservative target (2:30). I've taken some things from the race with regards pacing and nutrition and general mindset so I can hopefully use these next year to fuel my training and allow me to step up to more OD races. Now time to knuckle down on half marathon training and get fast for next season :)
First Olympic Distance Race Report
IntelliTriby member: IntelliTri, Oct 9th 2011 14:51
Hi, Cngratulations! Enjoyed reading your race report. Just wanted to let you know that we are running a contest on our website to win a Swimsmooth DVD (worth $60) - to enter you just have to do a race report. If you're interested have a look here: Closes tomorrow (Mon 10th Oct) though!
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