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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

Long Time No See

mule35by mule35Nov 28th 2011
I thought I had best check in....its been quite a while since my last blog so thought I should fill you in.

My last blog was about my foray into OD racing and plans on racing a half marathon. Well 2months later I can proudly call myself a half marathon finisher.

Since returning to uni, life has been hectic, new house, new modules, new uni based issues but it still didn't stop me getting in 2weeks of good training, averaging about 8hrs a week (not too bad). Then my dissertation happened, all of a sudden I was thrown into a world of multiple deadlines, fortnightly presentations and much much more.

So its fair to say training has ground to a halt, I managed to get one run a week going into the half marathon and that was my weekly training done :(. So my first half marathon experience wasn't going to be a fast one, especially at around 4weeks out I managed to hurt my foot. Not sure what it is, I'm seeing the injury woman at the uni tomorrow (the benefits of being on the uni's sports development programme, more later). But I couldn't run on it for a week and only could manage a light jog with my foot heavily strapped. So I turned up to my first half marathon with one working foot and a drop in VO2 max of about (benefits of being a sports science student ;) ) and was not really looking forward to the race, however all my family had come down to watch me run a half marathon so my hands were tied.

So I rocked up at the start line with mixed feelings, happy I was there, fear I'd die after 5km, fear that my foot would snap off, it was all a bit mad. So the gun went and I got a good start, the rower in me comes out at mass starts, as I always seem to race to the front (even with guys running at 1.15HM pace) but luckily I slowed down early enough to not do too much damage to the important energy reserves. All was well up until the half way point, on schedule (minus 20sec), ahead of house mate, feeling fresh all was good and I seemed happy at teh turn point. Then my foot decided to bite back. Normally I pronate whilst running but my foot caused me to run in an awkward supination style, needless to say this did not ode well with my calves.

So after 12km, my left leg slowly began to cramp up and no matter what I tried it didn't go, stretching, walking you name it, it didn't work. So I accepted my fate at 12miles that my 1.40 aim wasn't going to happen :(, I walked the last mile and went from a 1.39 predicted finish to a 1.50 actual finish. Not a happy bunny but coming up the hill at the finish with my girlfriend was great :) and knowing that I had more in the potential bag made me happy.....worse bit was my house mate beat me, he overtook me in the last 200m when I walked....there is no justice.

So now, I'm knees deep in essays, projects and hunts for the ever elusive sodium citrate for my dissertation...on a serious note, if you no where to get some let me know

But my triathlon mad brain isn't shut down I've planned my training already for after uni exams in June, but for what?.....lets just says its slightly ambitious....but that is for another this space.
Long Time No See
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