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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

Procrastination is a dangerous thing

mule35by mule35Dec 5th 2011
From no posts in a months to two in a matter of moments. I realised reading past posts that all I do is moan, so I thought I'd create a positive post, not only to not sound like a twonk but in aid to support my procrastination.

So..a month or so ago, I got an email from the uni sports people saying I had been successful in applying for a position on the university sports performance programme..Hooray me! So I thought I'd show the love for the uni and tell you more about the scheme.

There are three levels:
- Performance Level- Goes to people who compete at national level or international level (serious athletes).

-Achievement Level- the people who have done well in the sport before coming to the university (i.e. junior champions etc).

- Developement Level (my award)-goes to those who compete at a senior club level, those which could be described as a serious enthusiasts (I think this is a polite way of saying people who try hard but aren't that amazing; ME :D)

So my award gives me free access to the gym in off peak times, really useful, as I could (if I was not injured) train before lectures. (promised I would't moan in this post). As well as other benefits, which are yet to be explained fully to me but I'm hoping some £ towards some of the British Uni and Colleges Sports races and hopefully some testing, but I think that is for the top guys, but I might be able too pull some strings and get some testing (benefits of being a sports scientist).

So here is the link for the scheme, for anyone wanting to have a look for themselves, siblings or friends and/or kids, who are looking for university support packages regarding sport. Most unis have a scheme similar:

Hoping they will be doing the pictures soon which should be good :), but I will let you know when/if this happens.

See all positive stuff :), I knew I could do it

Now back to the essays that are piling up (darn, so close to all positive).

I plan to start doing some blogs on sports science, as a form of revision tool so those who read will hopefully be benefited from reading the past months of drivel :)

Hoping foot will be able to do some running soon :) The new year might be a good time to crack on with some training
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