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Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
Sleep, Study, Train, Eat, Sleep
21yr old student at Kingston Uni, doing sport science.
2years in tri 1st serious one :)

Three Weeks Three Race, Mixed Success

mule35by mule35Jul 10th 2011
I suppose I should start this of with saying a brief bit about myself. I'm Sam, I'm 20 and a student at Kingston Uni reading Sports Science. I've been doing triathlon for approx 2yrs, but this is my first proper season of training. So far this year has been good/bad, I had a good load of training before Xmas, then snow and illness meant I was out of training till the end of March and then after one month of training and a race, my SI joint locked out and caused a load of knee pain whilst cycling and running so no training.

So I came into the first week of races, the Henley Classic Swim, so no training and a swim down the Henley Royal Regatta course; for those who aren't rowers the Henley course is 2.125km in a straight line and starts at 4.30am. Any way, the lack of training was seen about 200m in where i was dropped from the lead pack after a really good start. I then decided to write my name in the river and probs swam 3km. Anyway I limped in 35min 10sec, 20sec on last year, and worse my dad beat me in 34min46sec (my time last year), with my step dad (50th bday present) coming in a respectable 43min 59sec. So anyway off i went with my tail between my legs and decided that now I can run I best get some miles in before Bristol Sprint.

One swim, one bike, one run later, and some massive work shifts, I was on the start line of the Bristol Tri. I had a good swim coming 9th out of water and into T1. Had my best T1 ever, and came out on the bike 7th. I got taken on the bike by 3other riders (all on TT bikes, Im on a 10yr old look that weighs a tonne) I had a good T2 and came out strong. I felt my knee tweak a little and this being my first hard run for 3months almost, I decided to take it easy and came in (after a rapid last 100m, good enough for a shout out on the tannoy) 26min 8sec. 29th overall and potential for a top 10 results if I had run my usual pace (norm 21min off the bike) so I'm gonna go for this next year.

Third week in, third race. Henley Challenge is very similar to the classic. But only a mile (1,609m). I started mid pack on the start and managed to get to the front of a group after about 200m, I settled onto my rhythm and managed to bridge up to a bigger group and managed to draft for a bit. The others began to drop back and it ended up to being 3 of us a breast, I managed to break away and get to another group :). This is where I had a coming together with another swimmer, a slower classic swimmer (speedos only) kept pulling out when I was trying to overtake, this kept happening for about 300m. I finally bit the bullet and all out sprinted to get worked :). I then saw the finish line and went from my steadyish pace to all out sprint and managed to hit the finish boom :P oh dear. After a much better swim, I came 27th overall in 24min35sec (19th or so in AG).

Anyway, no races till September, time to get some serious training in, a holiday with the Mrs and hopefully a new job :).
Three Weeks Three Race, Mixed Success
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