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Me, myself and Ironman
Me, myself and Ironman
The trials and tribulations of training for Ironman

MK's official top 10

muz89by muz89Jan 9th 2013
I remember stating the other day out of the blue, I want to be world champion. Not sure where it came from or what made me think of it, but there it was in stark, nakedness once it had left the safety of my brain and lips. As it happens, it hit my coach Andy's ears the exact moment it launched from my mouth, as we discussed my weekly programme. Seizing the opportunity at hand, Andy retorted in quick fire fashion, "write down 10 things you can do to become world champion." Oh. Oh ok. Cool. A cold shiver travelled my spine. This sh!t just got real, I thought. I knew what it meant. I would actually have to stop doing all the "naughty" anti-training rituals I had welcomed wholeheartedly with open arms into my weekly routine. I would have to stop drinking the whole bottle of wine at a "civilised" outing, or heaven help me, reverse the 1:6 ratio of early morning swims to sleep ins. Give up cake too? Chocolate hobnob golden crisp biscuits? God. No. Hmmm, I now fully understand how loose lips sink ships, as this world champion utterance certainly meant the training "cruise ship" I had been travelling on was already making friends with the Titanic. It may seem a bit OTT to give up the few small pleasures that I enjoy overindulging on, but to tell the truth, I am sick of having to say "maybe next year I will win". I already feel myself yawning at the memory of the last time I said it.
So without further ado and with the New Year Resolution period still relatively fresh in our minds, here is my official list of top 10 things I can do to make me a world champion.
1. follow Andy's programme
2. listen to Andy and communicate any deviances from said programme
3. one glass of wine is ok, one bottle is not
4. pre plan well balanced meals (protein/Carb/Vegies) the day prior to avoid snack and cake overloads
5. plan a SMART goal for each session prior to starting it
6. practice bike handling skills once a week for 1hr and scare myself silly with downhill cycling
7. swim 4 times a week. No ifs. No buts.
8. Actually "do" the bike speed sessions that are set. Dare i say it, do a bike time trial once a month.
9. plan out the week's programme prior to it starting. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
10. Smile and never let the world champion dream float away, especially on those cold, dark wintry mornings when the alarm beeps at zero five hundred hours...
twiggyby member: twiggy, Jan 10th 2013 16:28
I'm sure if you do all those things you will smash it this year! x
Stop the tantrums and Just Do It.
muz89by muz89 Apr 12th 2012
So I have been feeling really demotivated for the last few months and not sure why. First up was work and a lot of travel and stress to go with it, along with organising my wedding from across the globe, then organising a visa to stay in the UK on o...
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