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Inbetween the miles
Inbetween the miles
I'm currently finishing my Masters in Chemistry and French and trying to decide what exactly I want to do with my life. I have just taken up triathlon training and we will see what it holds!

Race numero uno

nk5985by nk5985Apr 26th 2010
Last weekend I competed in my first ever race- Sevenoaks sprint triathlon. It was a really nerve-racking experience- I was so scared of being absolutely terrible. After months of (not so serious) training due to the pressures of final year. The weeks running up to it were full of worrying about the little things such as 'What would I wear?' and 'Could I actually do it?' I turned up to the event. Registration was brilliant- nice early start to the morning and after getting my goodie bag was directed over to get body marked. The first sentence the lady said was 'Can you please take off your clothes?'- I was in slight shock. It wasn't what I was expecting to happen but thankfully I had my swimming costume on and not my underwear (noone had warned me about this prior to the race!).

I was so worried that I would make a fool of myself in the swimming pool (as it is my weakest event) by swallowing half of the pool in my first length.....the pressure was also on as my family had turned out in their masses to watch! Luckily the sevenoaks tri club had organised it amazingly and there was a guy on hand to answer my questions and calm my nerves as I headed onto poolside! The swim went ok and I was actually faster than I expected and I also managed to avoid slipping over whilst heading into transition where I momentarily became rather disorientated and lost my bike! The bike went fairly smoothly considering I had only taken up road cycling the September before. I still need to master some basic bike skills such as drinking whilst riding....currently I swerve all over the place. Then came the run- which started with a steep downhill section heading into knowle park but being greeting by people with baskets full of jelly babies made it all fine! The first mile was going to be the same out and in with a 3mile loop in the middle- it was gorgeous; the park and the weather. I found that it took me a while to get my pace but once I did everything went smoothly until the water stop where I accidentally picked up Gatorade. Oh my goodness- mistake! I can not say I am a fan. I nearly spat it back out when I took a gulp! The last climb up to the finishing point was steep and rather cheeky but a great challenge to finish off!

The support and cheering from random people over the course was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that the atmosphere was as relaxed and welcoming as it was. The thing that had always put me off about racing was the idea that everyone would be overly competitive but it wasn't like that. I didn't feel like I was competing against others- just myself, my body and my capabilities.

So you may have gathered I have now got the bug.

Definitely a race I would recommend to others- especially if it is your first one.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Apr 29th 2010 21:40
Nice description of the kind of worries we all faced on out first race. Sounds like you faired very well and at least you didn't leave the run transition with a gel still inside your trainer after you'd put it on!
The beginning....
nk5985by nk5985 Apr 25th 2010
So the first post.... there is nothing much to say. Training has taken a back seat due to impending finals and the last week rush to finish my dissertation. ...
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