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was fat. ... getting fitter!
was fat. ... getting fitter!
At 15st 2lb and 5'10" I woke up one morning held breath to pull my socks on, I couldn't reach that far while still breathing, and thought to myself. ....... You're too fat mate! Something had to be done. 4 years later I'm now 13st 3lb, had a broken foot, pf, shin plints, torn meniscus and more aches and pains than I thought possible but I feel great! ! I've run upto hm distance and cycled to Paris after which I needed a new challenge. Hmm I thought to myself, I'll do triathlon! And so my journey began. ........

First dry run at duathlon OMG!!!

nxn2020by nxn2020Mar 9th 2015
Having done a few brick sessions consisting of 10ish miles on the bike and 1-2 mile run, I thought I'd try a full length practice of my chosen first duathlon. Notely spring duathlon is 4km run, 21km bike and another 4km run. Now I had some kind of idea it might be tough and I wasn't disappointed! Remember all you seasoned triathletes this is my first ever full length try at this! First 4km went quite well at 22:45, ran in the house, stopped Strava, got changed and shot out the house on the bike having restarted Strava again. Bike was going well averaging around 20.5mph then I turned into the wind! This kind of slowed things up and tried to destroy my legs, but I was having none of it! Finished my bike leg (21km) in 42:01. So here I am back indoors again, Strava stopped ready to go out again. I go to start Strava on my phone and NOOOOO! phone has decided not to play and needs restarting!! Off I go again, this time my legs feel rotten and it feels really slow. With no timer to look at, phone's in my back pocket, I just plod on best I can thinking 'if I get 25 minutes I'll be happy. On getting home with nothing left to give and completely spent I check Strava only to find out Second 4km was only 10 seconds slower than the first!! All together I found it really tough but I was buzzing!!! God only knows what September is going to be like when I do my first olympic!!
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