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was fat. ... getting fitter!
was fat. ... getting fitter!
At 15st 2lb and 5'10" I woke up one morning held breath to pull my socks on, I couldn't reach that far while still breathing, and thought to myself. ....... You're too fat mate! Something had to be done. 4 years later I'm now 13st 3lb, had a broken foot, pf, shin plints, torn meniscus and more aches and pains than I thought possible but I feel great! ! I've run upto hm distance and cycled to Paris after which I needed a new challenge. Hmm I thought to myself, I'll do triathlon! And so my journey began. ........

Need to step it up a bit!

nxn2020by nxn2020Mar 26th 2015
Weather is improving, slowly and with the temperature rising slightly I'm finding the asthma is starting to become less of a problem. So with the improved breathing I can now step up the training intensity a bit and do some sprints and harder runs. Started off the other day with a fartlek run along the seafront. Counting on 1 leg I did 10 strides fast 10 slower, 20 fast 20 slower and so on up to 100 strides.........and then back down to 10, thought I was going to die!! Also took the plunge and started running to work on 2 out of my 4 day shift, standing outside work after an 11 1/2hr shift with a 2 1/2 mile run home wasn't a great feeling but once I got going it felt good, best thing is it doesn't impact on family life. Rides with the bike club are getting faster with normal rides averaging around 19 over 30-40 miles, not fast by some peoples standards but considering last year we were only doing 16-17 it's a big improvement! About 10 or 11 of us doing an Audax ride this weekend, 104km easy ride should be fun as long as the weather holds off!! That's me for now, until next time.....................
nxn2020by blog author: nxn2020, Mar 31st 2015 11:34
Last night saw me undertake a transition session. This was a 5.3 mile bike loop followed by .8 mile run, did it 3 times to try and begin to get used to tired legs.......conclusion? Don't think I can get used to tired legs! Wind was blowing like mad, about 25th and in my face for probably 75% of the ride. First ride was okay and speed was okay considering the wind. First run was as I expected, sweaty! Even though the legs were out for the first time this year. After that it just got harder, I now knew where they wind was going to bit me worse! Third set got underway and it was now getting even more windy, then it started to rain. It was now blowing like mad pouring with rain and I was getting cold. On top of this I was absolutely knackered! The whole experience took me 1 hour 25 minutes and as I sit here the next day writing this my legs ache! Will it all seem worth it come race day? I hope so! My only target is to not embarrass myself and definitely not come last. If it takes this much effort to be this bad then I think I'll definitely leave winning to someone else! Until next time.......
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