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First ever blog!

ojknightsby ojknightsFeb 7th 2011
First ever blog!
Is it a little self indulgent to be writing a blog? Especially if no one is ever going to read it. Perhaps that is for the best. Okay, so to make this worthwhile and slighty theraputic I'm going to go with a sport and self depricating slant. Do you write these in the 3rd person? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Thats reserved for the Queen and those in PR.

07 Febuary 2011

After a weekend that basically revolved around rowing I'm actually feeling pretty good. Apart from the welts on my hands and "remember your hand heights!" ringing in my ears. Think we're getting better but the wind was knackering and we all got very wet. Every catch from stoke basically slapped a wall of water in my mouth. Definately exceeded the recommended daily intake of Isis river - with all the weed it might count as one of my five a day. Good to see lots of runners (of all shapes and sizes) pounding the tow path on a Sunday - great effort.

Its just over a week before the QX Offroad duathlon and I'm pretty excited*. For the first time in a long while I'm competing not organising an adventure race. Just short one thing.... a bike. Have the trusty road bike but those thumb thick slicks arent designed for mud. Ebay or ex-rental seems the way to go. Only need it to last the season; bomb proof and cheap is the name of the game.

* worried

Actually, thinking about it, I'm woefully underprepared. I dont even know what distances involved and I'm merely ASSUMING its the standard run=> bike => run but for all I know it could be threelegged race => peddlo => ski jump. Should re-visit the website and find out more.

Think I've actually turned a corner in regards to trainning. Used to be that it was a means to an end i.e. not embarrassing myself at events. But (truely worryingly) Im actually starting to ENJOY the trainning. Very odd feeling looking foward to going for a run in the rain / dark / snow / hurricane winds.

Tuesday its off to the local leisure centre for Body Pump (grr Manly weights) followed by Balance (girly, but beginning to work, yoga). Prob do what I normally do; over do it for part 1 and then shake and fall over all the way through part 2. Mrs K is away so think I'll look like a proper stalker as I'm one of two guys that do the Balance class - the rest are women.... lycra clad women... its the only reason I go... sorry drifted off.

Things to improve on in the next few weeks:

1. Cornering at speed on the bike. I was just tragically slow at Dorney Lake and lost a lots of ground on the bike as lost all momentum. Why? because I'm scared of falling off. Fine on a mounatin bike so why so pathetic on the road bike? Jumpers for cones and an empty car park calls. Expect next blog to come direct from the JR Hospital A&E.

2. Get used to the new clipless peddles. I know the "theory" of why they make you faster but finding the flipping cleats with my shoe takes forever. Found it pretty quickly when that bus was coming for me mind you. I swear the drivers hide themselves ready to jump out at me. Difficult thing to hide a bright red bus but they manage it.

3. Put some goals into my swimming. I'm swimming but, please no pat on the back just yet, I'm doing about 1000m in whatever it takes me or as far as I can in 45 minutes. All depends on how late I am getting out of bed. If anyone has any great, but simple, ideas for a good swim work out that would be great.

More importantly is there a fool proof way of remembering how many lengths you've done? Basically my mind wanders.... "if I do 4 lengths thats 100m..... I wonder what I could run the 100m in these days.... what does Usain Bolt eat for breakfast... prob either KFC or musili..... how many lengths am I on now?... balls ....lets say 20ish ". Its that kind of thing.

Right, think that will do as a first attempt. Not anything groundbreaking but its a start.


p.s. I know what you're thinking about the photo.... he's got his googles on upside down. Thats the least of my problems. That lake is teeming with pike. Wikipedia suggests they are predatory fish with razor sharp teeth. Oxfords answer to jaws, but smaller, more of them and less set on revenge.
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