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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

email to my pirate mentor - Base 1 (4 weeks)

orangecannonby orangecannonFeb 10th 2010

Monthly Pirate Mentor Update - Phase Base 1


overall plan

The first 4 weeks base has been a little all over the place, due to work commitments, family stuff and lots and lots of ice..... .

  • felt like i have run consistently
  • I have started swimming on a reasonably regular basis
  • I feel I have a reasonable bike base despite few long Sunday rides, (see later)

  • my achilies, (ok, actually inside it towards the ankle) gave me a little gyp... typical overuse injury - ie only painful following training. I gave it a break, and am now running again, but monitoring the situation. I normally ignore these things, let them get worse, ignore them more then break....... I am trying to play the long game and go a bit easy as its only feb.
  • I want to swim more
  • long bikes generally got cancelled - ice, snow and stuff all got in the way. I am looking forward to 10 degree weather though!

long sessions
  • Long Bikes - one 4hr mtb, 2 * 90 min turbo sessions, and 4 back to back days of 40k bike commutes each way - ie 360k in 4 days.
  • Long Swims - weekly long swims of 2.4, 2.7k, -, 1.8k
  • Long Runs - 2h:15, 1h:43, -, 1h:26
  • Weights - just once per month - may knock this on the head in preference for a morning long bike / brick. Next month turbo based muscular endurance training starts...
  • Yoga - weekly

Weekly Totals

base 1.11h:336h:20m (133k)4h:43m (61km)1h:15m13h:51m
base 1.21h:1410h:20m (189km) 4h:32m (49km)2hr18h:30m
base 1.314h:30m (312km)14:30m
base 1.4 recovery40min6h:04m (120km)3h (34km)1h10h:50m

Next Month - Base 1

looking forard to lomng rides, more swimming and warmer weather
  • Long Bikes - try and get out there again, (weather permitting). Target is 4 hr rides, on mtb if necessary.
  • Swims - The target is 3 per week at the moment. (one long, 2 skills based)
  • Long Runs - run up to 2:30 then slowly increasing a second run from 1 hr to 90 mins,
  • Weights - may be continue...??? may be bike instead
  • Yoga - love my yoga - 2 sessions a week

other thoughts
The only thing I am not sure about at the moment is logistics of stuff on the bike, ie number of bottles to carry, concentrated sports drinks, using tri bar mounted bottle..?? etc etc etc

I like my sports drink, (torq) and use nuun tabs as a back up, (I sweat a lot and can run out of salt....).

I have no idea how to carry what I need..... never mind gels , bars etc.

I was going to but some power bar stuff to give it a go.....

I have some tri bars so was gonna fit these soon

I was also maybe gonna get a bike fit to make sure I am in a good position...... (people say its worth it... opinions..??

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