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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

gordos aerobic thresholds for me

orangecannonby orangecannonDec 1st 2009
Been reading Gordos thoughts on aerobic threshold training zones - ie heart rates I should be running / biking at. I find I need some guidance on this else I just go for it and fry myself in 40 mins. This is cool for bike commutes but not very good for a 4 hr ride.......

Aet - top of zone 1 - 135-139 for running, 127-129 for biking

Easy Pace ¬- defined as less than AeT - less than 139/129.
There are ¬"degrees of easy¬". Well under AeT is recovery pace and also used for early season base building. I¬'ve found that slightly under AeT is a good pace for my novice and weaker athletes to build endurance. It¬'s also a suitable intensity for my stronger athletes to do long over-distance workouts.

Steady Pace ¬- defined as AeT to AeT+10 bpm - 135 - 145....(139-149). (129-> 139 for biking (-144 feels ok though.....)

My prime endurance objective is to maximize tolerance of (and pace for) steady state training. With my weaker athletes, I use upper steady (AeT+5 bpm to AeT+10 bpm) for their sport specific strength work. With my stronger athletes, we use upper steady for intensive aerobic training (done in low steady for my novices and weaker athletes).

Endurance Target HRs - 145-149.... for running, 137-142 approx for biking.....

Mod-Hard Pace ¬- known by many as Tempo Pace (Friel Zn 3). Defined as AeT+10bpm to AeT+20 bpm. This zone is typically marked by labored, rhythmic breathing and a novice can mistake this sensation for the AeT subjective marker. With my weaker and novice athletes, I use very little of this zone. While there are physiological benefits to this intensity zone, I¬'ve found that the time lost due to recovery and illness ends up making its use counterproductive. My stronger athletes use this zone for sport specific strength work and muscular endurance training.
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