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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

Ironman Regensburg Race Report

orangecannonby orangecannonAug 13th 2011

I had such fun last year I decided to do another year of IM, and a bit (more) training.
I got some swim coaching, did lots more biking, and less running - the last as my knee went a little haywire 2-3 months out - it seems to be on the mend now though.... The physio decided it was due to old age - the bugger!

Turned up at Regensburg a little early, drank some beer but did get out to do the pre race bike recce on the thursday. That was wet, but not really cold - just a bike top, arm warmers then a pirate bike jacket on top...... it was good to see the hill of doom, and also fly down the down hills ahead of time....... nothing at the bottom so it would be a case of whheeeeee! come race day. SteveHo corner was duely named in honor of his shriek as he found carbon rims and rain do not mix....... Roads were smooth - not as good as IMDE but way better than in the UK. Some has 2-3 foot sections on the inside that had been repaired / were degrading, but this gave bumpyness, not 6 inch pot holes.

then had a little swim the next day

then drank more beer, did the race briefing, pfaffed, tried to rack but had to return home as someone forgot the race bags..... finally racked, ate lots, etc etc.
Had a little wibble as I could not sort out my front mech, the bottom bracket started making grinding noises....... uh oh.... Calmness was deserting me....

original target was 10:30, but would be chuffed with sub 11:00 due to the lack of long runs. I was aiming for 1:15 swim, 5:30 bike and a 3:30 run.

I was feeling generally calm, way less nervous than last year.

Race Day

Traditional 3:45 wakeup, breaky at 4:00, stuffing food down I did not really want, everyone looking quite calm..... jumped in a cab with Swiss Bobbie, got lost, but made it eventually to the race site, along with the first rain of the day..... It was dark, we were early, and it was just as well as my bike had a flat

arrggh!! I only had 90 minutes to repair it, sort out the nutrition etc, get into my wettie andaggh -panic!!!

then I changed it in about 5 mins - easy when you engage the brain....

Lots or brits around in transition, which was weird, but eventually it was 6:30 so got into the rubber outfit, stood around pissing in it till the (underwhelming) starter gun went off

Swim - 1.12

we all trundled forwards, sort of fell in then off we all went. I must be getting used to this as I felt comfortable for the first 400m. Then I started getting swum over, the guys in front close up leaving me no where to go, the guys behind keep going, I get a hand in the face that shifts my goggles, one stroke used to get them resealed and again people are up my legs.

WTF am I doing this for?, how can I get out? A quick look behind reveals there is absolutely nowhere to go......just a mass of swim hats and neoprene. I calm down a bit, then head for the first turn and hit more carnage. I got a thunk to the goggle that pushed it right on - felt like my eyeballwas filling the whole goggle

however its not a knitting club so onwards it was......

Eventually I relaxed as things spread out a bit - probably on the last k after the turn for home..... better late than never though.

really happy with the time - came out at 49% in the field, (I was 73% back at IMDE last year so things have improved). Swim lessons have paid off

T1 - shambled to my bike, got dressed, applied large amounts of bum butter, checked the rear tyre - yup still up, and got going

Bike - 5.29

Hammer time!!

I've read Going Long, have used the HR zones in training and I quite like it. However, there is just no whay I can get my HR down to the top of Z1 (129). For the first 15k I sat at about 150, doing 40kph with a tailwind. then some bugger put a hill in the way so I just span up it letting all the tri bikes / bling go as kept my hr to 155/160 max. Saw orca and Mandel on the way, then we hit the down hills and weeeee!. Everyone looked very cautious in the rain, probably as they had carbon rims so could not stop. I just went for it - top speed was 73 kph!

then normality hit, and it was back out on the flats, into side and head winds. I also encountered these pace line things... long lines of riders all in one or 2 parallel lines, all trying to stay 10m apart, but things constantly condensing. Only saw a couple actually consistently drafting, moslty there was just no room to space out well.

Support was ok in the villages, but generally pretty sparse - not surprising considering the weather.

so round the first lap, (troggs - top support!) then onto the second, over the hill and down. I did back off once at the top of the big downhill as I hammered into it, and things started wobbling about - scary.

HR finally got down to the target of 144, but the speed only dropped a little so i just ground on. The guts were a little bloated (too many bananas) so I swapped to water and things got better. I tried and failed to have a pee on the bike so had 2 stops along the way. Popped 3 salt tabs over the bike as I was not drinking too much.....and I suffer if I sweat too much

Triathletes on tri bikes dont seem to be able to go round corners - especially not in the rain as they have to brake about 400m ahead of the bend- easy pickings!

Passed Wolf near the end of the my second lap
, then off into town and then passed Lee as well. It took me 500m to work out she was on the wrong bit of the course...... I thought of going backbut could not face telling her she had to turn around. Fortunaltely she knew where she was and was heading back into town. Lots more support on the way back into town - that was really good.

so carried on hammering it back into town aiming for 5:30 on the bike and thought I just got in there! yip yip!!! - 26% in the field, compared to 44% last year. hmm training seems to pay off......

T2 - racked the bike, ran passed the duck walking people in road bike shoes, grabbed the bag and into the tent. Used the rosie approach of emptying everything onto the floor, then sorting my self out. Appologised to the Frauline for applying large amounts of vaseline. I decided to leave the buff and P20 sun block alone, grabbed my bag of gels / salt tabs and off we went.

Run - 3:46

1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 went the mantra and I trucked along. I had a bit of run technique coaching / rehab due to my knee, and it has ended up with me picking up my cadence and shortening my stride. It seems to work for me, started out at 13.5 kph, (no idea what that is in min per k) and immeditaley started overtaking people

this carried on till I hit each aid station and walked for 45 seconds. Then I spent the next run catching up everyone that passed me. This did mean I drank lots of 'Iso Iso' and Wasser, along with a few gels. So much so that things got slightly ugly later on...

I loved the town - lots and lots of regensburgers out, then past Hollies support area - the poms poms win the best support act. Then it was off into the park, and it got a bit lonely / quieter. Things picked up at the pirate support area 2 by the weir, then off into the park again.

so lap 1 goes by, then 2 nears then end, and things start getting tough. It feels warmer, but thats just temporary. I start to wonder where the next aid station is, start to walk 1 minute instead of 45 seconds, how come the aid stations are now 10 mins apart rather than 8 mins.?? Jealousy rears its head - how come he has 4 arm bands and I only have 2..??
Lap 3 starts, and it just hurts.. However, looking at the stats, my hr drops consistently over the marathon, along with my speed...... (149 at the start, 13.5 kph to 139, 11.45kph)
I guess I should be pushing harder but I don't think I like the pain.....I just could not / did not want to go any faster. Could not work out my watch either...... so did not really know how slow I was now going but I thought I was heading for a 4hr + marathon.

there were lots of fit people coming by me at this point...... However I have 4 arm bands and do feel really sorry those with 1....

On to the last lap and I want to walk, but its the last lap ffs so I just grind on, hating every minute of this.. I loved the outlaw mara last time, I just hate this one! Pushed straight past the last couple of aid stations, got a couple of late stomach cramps - ouch those REALY hurt, found the finish chute, start really running and see the time - Yes!!!!! I am really happy as I thought it was all going badly wrong on the run.......

the run was 20% in the field, (23% last year in IMDE)

Overall: 10:37 (23%, 38% in IMDE)

I'm really happy with the time - I don't think I could have gone any faster on the day, (feels like I should have sitting here though!) I missed my run target, but I put that down to not too much long runs overt the last few months, so that does not bother me.....
Ironman Regensburg Race Report
post amble.

I get assessed, (do I need any help, can I walk and talk..??) where is the coke..??, pass that so get a foil blanket, (nice - its now feel really cold) and wonder where the food tent is... instead we have a stand giving out coke, pretzles and fruit... hmm no salami sandwiches, or beer that will make me faint..??? I sit outside on a bench for 15 mins discussing the state of my legs and my inability to sit down with an american dude, then go to get showered.... err no free towels...?? whats going on here? so I just get changed and saunter off liking the t-shirt but not much else

I then meet up with shuffle, get fed pizza and coke, then its back to the stands / finish shoot for an after race party with the supportes / finishers. I think thats one of the best bits, seeing everyone home. H was a hightlight, (she never stops smiling), and rio, I am sure, stopped in a cafe somewhere before rolling in after making us all very very nervous. The roars of PIRATE!!!! every time another black and yellow top appeared were brilliant.


* the whole pirate thing pre / post race, the support on the course - magnificent. I love the fact that people ask who the hell we are, why there are so many of us, and why we are so enthusiastic. its superb to be part of it.
* its an IM - I love outlaw, but this is just bigger.......
* i am getting faster


* Felt a little stingy - the outlaw rocks!!!
* no music for the last hour?
* the end was.......... disapointing. A laser lightshow that was a little anti climatic.
* IMR or IMDE - I would say go and do IMDE, if you can get in that is.......
* to get any quicker, its gonna start hurting!!!!
* no out and back run course, so I saw only 5-6 pirates the whole day on the course....
Ironman Regensburg Race Report
Ironman Regensburg Race Report
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