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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

Outlaw Race Report

orangecannonby orangecannonAug 11th 2010
Outlaw Race Report
Race report as posted on runners world tri forum

Phew - what a pyear!

You (we) pirates are buggers....

I would never have had the nerve to even think about entering an IM, but a little article in RW about a bunch of forumites (ie normal-ish people) getting ready to sail off to IMCH piqued my interest... And I was hooked.

So I entered IMDE (I 'blame' plum for that even though he has no idea why that is). Roth opened and the majority of pirates headed there.... so then The Outlaw opened and lots more were going there....... I got tempted. (Coach barlos doing both IMDE then Roth made me think the outlaw was doable as well as IMDE, then FB & Petal racing at the outlaw just dragged me in - you two are just so nice and an inspiration!)

Anyway - enough waffle

Pre race.
Well I had joked about not really doing any real training after imde, just a 3 hour ride. However I had been running regularly over the last 3 weeks (with a couple of 2 hr runs), and my legs had felt good on my bike commutes again...
I had doubts about being really ready, and I ended up thinking 'oh well, I'll just go and enjoy the experience'.
On the other hand while I finished IMDE with really achy quads, I also felt there was a little more in the tank - never having run a marathon before does tend to make you hold back a bit. So I thought creeping below 11:30 would be brilliant... for the outlaw and next year I would go for sub 11:00.
ie I had not really sorted my brain out, so was really quite relaxed and chilled about the whole thing...

Pirate camping was a hoot, as usual, nice to meet some more pirates. I must get better with names though

Race morning pre dawned, so ate banana porridge, threw coffee down my throat, applied a little P20 and traipsed off to sort stuff out down at transition, ie pfaff).
Then it was on with the wettie, last minute loo break and off to join the crowds waiting to get in. I had a bit of a warm up, then stood at the back of my pound (could have been 2 or 3) and then HONNNKK and all he'll broke loose.
The IMDE swim was quite relaxed, (very wide start I guess) but this was just bodies everywhere. I got a couple of playfull clouts, but there was just no room to swim. People in front kept slowing, no one had any idea of a straight line and I bumped into some big clumps of weed. A gap openned to the right I went that way into some clear water.

Everyone else seemed to go left over to the bank leaving 10 yds of clear water on the inside so off I went... No feet to follow but no carnage either. So stroke, stroke, stroke, breath and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.....

It's a long way to swim, with being hit on the head by the yellow rowing lane boys being a welcome distraction. The weed was also interesting, needing some novel swim technique at times.... The inside was generally pretty clear though. Eventually I got to the turn (really welcome) and loved the swans being corralled on 3 sides by swimmers - lovely sight.

I also noticed at this point that we had blue blue skies and sunshine

So time to head back and again I ended up swimming more or less alone down the inside lane with a train of swimmers over to the left by the bank. Wondered across a few times to get a draft then gave it up as a bad idea.

Got out the water with 1:12 on the clock, (although I had no idea at the time) Considering IMDE was 1:33 and I had been hoping for a 1:20 wet suite swim, I think my new wet suit has fin assist!

T1 was absolutely heaving. I found a seat but the proximity of things while bending down to put my bike shoes on required a little ducking and diving.....

Out to the bike, grab it, flying mount and away we go.....
Play time as I think I am a biker....

I guessed at my swim time, coming up with about 1:20, and thought that must be wrong, so just forgot about it.

So the plan was to go a little harder than my Hr targets at IMDE - there I was always trying to get my hr down 5-10 beats. This time I just went with what I ended up doing at IMDE with no guilt involved.. started at 135 then up to 140-145 for the majority.
The course was roling with a few hills initially then a boring busy road bit, then flattening out for a really fast section with a bit of a tailwind. Sat on the aerobars the whole way - my shoulders are now sore!

Pirate feed station was the best by far....and lots of enthusiatic marshals before and after!

Kept on swapping places with people on the hills... I think I am ok up those, but everyone seemed to want to pass me there, only to stop peddling on the downs so I just passed them again.... Very strange.
I just drank, had gels or the lovely zip vit black cherry chews every 20 mins and a celebratory banana at 3 hrs.

I thought Southwell was great, with really good levels of support. However, on the 3rd time through I hit a large pothole right on the 90 degree corner. I heard something go and I thought I lost my bottles, but no, it was just my bento box vommitting most of my remaining gels across the road - oops...

The section back from the loops seemed to go on and on, but I evenually got back in 5:38, (IMDE in 5:47) so I was very happy! My HR averaged 143 v 141 in IMDE). I new I was a bit quicker than IMDE so I was happy.

T2 was deserted, just 3 or 4 guys and enthusiastic helpers. Quick change (bike top off, camel pack on) and away I went....


then slowed straight down as my HR went up to 160.... oops!

Started the long drag round the lake. I am not experienced at running these things yet so I am still doing 10 minute runs followed by 1 minute walks, drinking in the walk and a gel every 30 mins.
I had no idea how long the various sections were, (ie loop around the lake as opposed to the laps out and back into nottingham) so spent most of the run trying to work this out, failing dismally.

I liked the out and backs as meeting pirates was great, and it meant we could pass the growing pirate collectives really frequently - Thanks for the cheers, abuse and general hilarity - it really gives a focus to help break up the miles.

So on and on went the run, then I caught site of Mel and started to catch her up, but she was looking really distracted.... then she suddenly cut left into the bushes.... I decided to be gallent and not wave as she hunkered down..... .

So onto the final lap, refilling the camel back with coke and water, and I was just hoping the run would end. The feet started to hurt, and I tried to count down the kms, (I work in new money!) and failing until I got back to the lake and could use the distance markers there.

I picked up the pace for the final 2k as I still had not got any cramp or really achy quads, and counted down the 500ms until I was into the finish shoot, high 5ing the pirate support there, and over the line for a 3:53 mara. I heard 10:53 on the tanoy, and thought wtf, they must be talking about earlier finishers, but checked my watch, tried to do some basic addition and though OMG, where the hell did that come from.
So a quick sit down a massage, some coke and food, and relaaaaxxxxxxxx.

I eventually made it back out to the grandstands, with shuffle my super sherpa plying me with burgers, chips, coke and beer. Health food?? Phah!

My only complaint is that there were too many pirate finishers Having to stand up to shout and cheer them over the line up meant I could not just sit there nursing my legs great to see everyone over the line.


My iron journey this year has way surpassed my expectations. I started thinking a finish would be great, then dared to think of 12 hrs as a target....

I have really enjoyed the exercise, (or was that really training..??) I've done over the year, especially the early morning long runs - I have never trained consistently, or to a program before but its been really fun. I have lost some weight, got a lot fitter and generally feel great. No injuries really seems to be the way to go....

(Q thank you speech...!!)
Thanks to my mentor for reigning me in at the start, then putting up with my overly detailed and overly enthusiastic mails along the way - cheers matey!

Pirate support on the forums, but expecially at the events has been awsome. You have made a newbie feel really really welcome and part of the crew.

I can't wait to sail again next year.
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Aug 12th 2010 17:04
Congratulations. I enjoyed the whole day, saw a lot of you pirates and your support was great for everyone so if you can pass regards on to all your pirateers (not sure if that's even a word). It was a cracking day...were it not for a chain coming off and a puncture i may have been in line for sub 11. gives me a target for next time. The pirate aid station was the best.
orangecannonby blog author: orangecannon, Aug 12th 2010 17:11
Thanks BC

I think the term is pirates......

Its a great race, but we are off the Regensburg next year so may try to enter several teams to still be able to attend this great race.......

If you are not part of a club - have a look at the pirate ship of fools site, or look us up via Runner World triathlon forum......
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