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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

prep 2.3 mid week - thoughts

orangecannonby orangecannonDec 6th 2009
This month is not going well... ! had bout of illness so lost a long run / weekend.
  • the running is going well. Up to 2 hrs for my long run, tempo / strides runs etc cointinuing.
  • right achilies is sometimes a little niggly but is hanging together well.
  • right knee is only painful in yoga.
  • yoga and weights going ok.
  • am still bike commuting come rain or shine....
  • long bikes are not happening.
  • the weekend weather is shit, it gets dark early etc etc etc
  • swimming is in maintenance. London Fields (8 k away by bike) is opening too late to be of any use, so its Cathall (my local pool) or nothing, and I am not a fan of 25m pools any more, but need to make the effort....
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