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O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!
O.rangeCannon's pirate journey!!!!!!!

So I'm now a pirate, (ie normal people who are inspired by the runners world forumites doing IMs)..... This involves drinking beer, buying lots of yellow kit, oh, and a race or 2 a year to give it an objective.

I bumped into the pirates via the runners world magazine / forum, and they gave me the confidence to dare enter an IM.


2010 IMDE - flat, Outlaw - flat
2011 IM Regensburg 2011 - flat, IMWales - hilly, oh so windy
2012 Lanza - hilly and windy
2013 - IM Lanza - the return :-)

Recovering from knee issues, (too many rugby injuries) so now the plan is to swim OK, be an Uber Biker, and just let the run take care of itself. Oh Well

Prep 3 - feb

orangecannonby orangecannonMar 27th 2011
ok - IM training continues.... rather badly

February was a month of work related stress, and training fell apart as a result.
10 days in India, followed by impending redundancy and then preping for job interviews, and doing job interviews..... something had to give and it was the hours training that gave.

hey ho.

this is just a hobby and I need something to pay the bills!

First week was great, then I was stuck in India with just a rubbish treadmill....
Got a couple of 3 hr rides in...

Did a half marathon in 1hr 39min, using a run walk. Would nice to be quicker!!!

Weekly Totals

week total
Prep 3.1 1h 12h 3h:30m 2h:45m 19h
Prep 3.2 0h 0h 3h:45m 0:45m 4h30m
Prep 3.3 0h 6h 1h:30m 49k _ 7h 30m
Prep 3.4 recovery 0h 1h:30m 6h:45m 46k 0h 8h:15
Tags: prep
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