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Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
I'm new to the sport of Triathlon coming from a running background which I originally took up in Nov '12 in order to lose weight. This is my blog and journey into the world of Triathlon. I have my first sprint under my belt and now I'm aiming for the Outlaw in 2014 !

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Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !

owenslaterby owenslaterJul 8th 2013
Well, with this good weather you have to have fun with the kids don't you :o)

But before I got to the fun fun fun, a carefully planned week of training lay ahead ! This week saw the continuation of my left leg muscle strain but a good set of training was achieved all the same.

On Monday evening I headed out for a ~15 mile bike ride in the evening as I believed this wouldn't aggravate the leg too much. I decided to concentrate on swimming and biking, leaving running until later on in the week depending on how the muscles were holding up.
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
Thankfully the pedals and the leg held together and there were no mishaps along the way - looking at the stats from my computer I kept a reasonable pace and my average speed etc was a little better than my last session, so the enforced rest must have done some good.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off due to work / travel committments but had a great swim on Thursday night. The water felt a little colder than the weekend and I experienced a little cramping in my right knee on the last circuit but managed to shake that off before it became an issue ! As I swim through the water I tend to look down to see if I can make out the various wrecks that have been placed there for the divers to explore.
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
It really is a picturesque setting and with the weather improving it's getting more popular with triathletes and divers. I managed 1,200 metres and felt a lot more confident, getting into my stride more quickly.

Thursday lunchtime was a good opportunity for a quick bike ride, just under 10 miles, as my leg seemed to be behaving itself.
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
Friday night saw the return to running. I left it late so that the temperature would cool down somewhat and ran a circuit just under 6 miles as it was my first outing for almost 2 weeks. It was still a hot even at 8.30pm and I was sweating buckets during the run but I felt good and really enjoyed being out running once again.

I was particularly pleased not to suffer any setbacks as a result and that as I sat down to drink my strawberry milk afterwards there were no twinges :o)
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
After spending a fab Saturday with the family in our back garden with bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's I headed out on the evening for a longer bike ride as I'm mindful of the 61mile sportive in the Mendip Hills that I've signed up to in 6 weeks time. Over the next few weeks I'll be building out the mileage so that'll involved taking the bike on the family's summer holiday !

I also managed to use the RED button on Saturday and catch the WTS Kitzbhuel race to see Jodie Stimpson win her first WTS race after Alistair Brownlee's earlier win. It was starting to be a good weekend for British sports !

My route was ~21.5 miles and was a mixture of countryside and the outskirts of the Tamworth. My legs were starting to get tired at the end but the taking on of gels every 30 mins seems to work for me and will be something I'm going to persever with going forward.
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
Sunday was another great day, undoubtedly this is going to be the 2 weeks of British summer we seem to get every year! I headed over the Dosthill quarry on Sunday morning and was pleased to see it was not too packed on the carpark :o) I donned my wetsuit and managed 5 circuits which made a 2,000 meter swim. Other triathletes were there too having a swim and then riding off on their bikes to make a good day of it.

The water was a reasonable temperature and I saw lots of fish in certain parts of the quarry pool. I did find the divers with line bouys attached to them a bit pesky as they criss-crossed the pool but managed to swim around them.
Bouncy castles, sandpits, paddling pools & BBQ's !
After swimming the longer distance this week I did suffer from rubbing on the back of my neck from the wetsuit so I nipped onto Amazon afterwards to order some Bodyglide.

Of course there were two other important sporting events taking place on this Sunday, one of which was the Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham. Twitter is a great tool for keeping up with these events and I was pleased to see Sid 'Ironmorph' being mentioned ! The last one across the line was 16hrs 57 mins !!! Congratulations to all that took part and finished in such hot weather :o)

So that concludes my week, it sets me up in good shape for the last 2 weeks until my next race and hopefully I'll be at the Birmingham Triathlon raring to go !

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