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Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
Tri blogging from Tamworth, Staffordshire
I'm new to the sport of Triathlon coming from a running background which I originally took up in Nov '12 in order to lose weight. This is my blog and journey into the world of Triathlon. I have my first sprint under my belt and now I'm aiming for the Outlaw in 2014 !

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owenslaterby owenslaterMay 30th 2013
I originally started running in November 2012 in order to lose some weight after hitting 12st 3lbs on the scale - a combination of work, fatherhood and generally being a lazy bastard ! Over the last few months I achieved a 5k, 10k cross country, 10k road race and a half marathon. I joined a local running club called the Peel Road Runners for some company when runnning. It helped that the team I was working with away from home contained some runners so I had someone in common to talk to and get advice.

I've always enjoyed swimming, biking and running so it's a surprise that it never occurred to me to take up triathlon before really. I started reading running mags for advice on kit and running and eventually came across an online review for a Garmin 305 on DC Rainmaker ( who is a regular guy but is seriously into his sport of Triathlon and writes some great reviews about sport gear as well as Tri blog. I found his blog really interesting and that's what first got me into this sport.

From there I started reading other material including the obligatory "Can't swim, can't bike can't run" which is quite motivational and makes you realise that whilst triathlon may seem daunting at first - if you put your mind to it then anyone can achieve their goals.

My running took off well so I decided to book a local sprint triathlon for May Bank Holiday which I'll cover in my next blog. I work away from home a lot so DC Rainmaker's blog was useful as he has similar circumstances and I started to take advantage of hotel gyms, a local running club wherever I was and also the local swimming baths for either early bird or evening swims.

Eventually I found a local Swimfit programme and started to have some coaching on my front crawl, which I'll be honest I've never been good at. Even after one lesson I learnt a wealth of tips that improved what I was doing. My next goal is to start doing outdoor swimming which means getting a wetsuit. I've located a local pool which has weekly sessions on a Thursday night so I really need to get off my backside and make a start as my next triathlon is in 7 weeks time and will be a 750m open water swim !

Below is a picture of me from my first 5k race which was in December 2012 for a local charity called St Giles Hospice. It was held in the local Tamworth Castle Grounds - as you'll probably notice I was wearing far too much clothing but still pleased with myself for completing the race and racing a bit of cash for charity too.
Photo from Tamworth Castle Grounds December 2012 - The Rudolph Run 5K
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 30th 2013 20:37
Hey Owen, great first blog and thanks for the link to the DC rainmaker's blog as well. Agreed he writes some really useful stuff and shows what you can do with a lot of imagination! Good luck with the OW swimming and enjoy!
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